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Bare Root Hedging

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    Cool, a seperate gardening forum :cool:

    I have been offered a good deal on some bare root Prunus Lusitanica (Portuguese Laurel). I am told the plants are about 2ft high and bushy. The supplier (a nursery in Cork) tells me they are in good health and should be fine if they are transplanted in the next two weeks so I need to make a quick decision on this.

    Is it too late for bare root hedge planting now? What would be the worst to happen if I did take a risk on this?

    If it is a runner, any tips on the best way to plant. I've about 120M to do.


  • A friend of mine got a "bargain" bare root hedge, late in March a few years ago - about 1/3 died.

  • Lovely hedging plant, Depending on how bushy they are but about 1.5ft-2ft apart. If you plant now you need to keep them well watered dont rely on rainfall and make sure the roots are well covered with soil. Also keep an eye on wind damage as if the moisture isnt travelling through the roots for a while the wind will dry leaves out on the plants. It is a bit of a risk but in my opinion you should be ok just dont let it get too late to plant ie before the end of this month. Once they've started rooting and new growth is starting to appear i would advise to feed with a liquid feed (use a lawn food high in nitrogen for leaf growth and phosphorus for root growth) regularly during summer and in spring next year apply a slow release fertiliser.

  • sillymoo2007. Thanks for the information. I'll take all that into account. Wind damage is my greatest concern as I am in a quiet exposed site. The feeding is something I wouldn't have considered necessary but I will look into it, thanks. I've some well rotted farmyard manure which should give them a good start.

    dolanbaker. I understand it is a bit risky and I might have a higher than normal attrition rate but they are easily replaced next season. The weather has not been exactly "Spring-like" so hopefully......