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Hello All, This is just a friendly reminder to read the Forum Charter where you wish to post before posting in it. :)
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Charter: Please read before posting - UPDATED 17/08/11

  • 20-03-2008 11:53am
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    The Charter: Magic & Illusion

    Ok people the usually rules stand with regards to abusive behaviour, trolling, spamming etc so think before you post.

    The posting of images or video which could be seen as NSFW (Not Safe for Work) may earn you a ban or infraction - mods call.

    Buying or Selling of equipment etc is prohibited by rules but feel free to place your ads on and PM a mod about posting a link.

    Please also note that the discussion of tricks which may cause bodily harm will be closely watched. Telling little sammy to try saw his sister in half could get in some trouble.

    Important note re: Reveals
    The posting of reveals (how to do tricks) by any means (including video) is not permitted on this forum. The posting of such material may lead to the post being edited/deleted and the poster being warning/infracted/banned.

    Adding offensive or pointless tags to threads can earn you a warning/infraction/banning.

    Threads may be moved if a mod decides that another forum is more suitable.

    Moderator decissions are final on this forum but if you feel the need to question anything please do so by PMing one of the mods or starting a thread over on HelpDesk where it will be reviewed by SMods and Admins.


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    UPDATE: Adding offensive or pointless tags to threads can earn you a warning/infraction/banning.

    This has been added to the charter.

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    Updated to remove out of date stuff from charter.

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