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Use of stooges in stage work

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    In case anyone doesn't know what one is, it's a pretend audience member who the magician knows and who has received careful instruction in order to assist with an illusion.

    Some will. Some won't.

    Some magicians think stooges are dishonest and only used by amateurs. Some think that the judicious use of a stooge can turn a good illusion into a great one and that anything is acceptable once the audience are entertained.

    Any opinions?

    I think it's ok but a few people I know refuse flat out.

    EDIT: It's a public poll people. I'll change it if anyone really really wants.

    Are stooges acceptable? 4 votes

    Sure, why not?
    Not at all.
    6thPopinjay 2 votes
    It's up his sleeve!
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  • Not at all.
    Its about entertaining the audience so its fine with me. The whole thing is about misleading the observer so I really dont see a problem.

  • It's up his sleeve!
    In general it's something I'd be against. I'm not strongly against it or anything, it's more of a personal preference.

    Personally I see it as a flat out mistruth. I know magicians are supposed to decieve the audience to a degree, but I believe that should be done using cleverness, trickery and concealing the truth, not actually lying.

    I know if I paid money to see an act and the magician relied on stooges I'd feel a little cheated. What I enjoy about magic is the clever trickery, and if I can figure out how it's done I can appreciate the cleverness of it, using stooges seems a little cheap and easy.

    That said, it does depend on the trick and how the stooge is used, a stooge used as part of a larger multi-part trick would be fine, or if there was something else impressive about the trick. Or possibly for some really spectacular effect it would be ok too.

    That is of course just my preference based around what I like about magic, I don't think there's anything inherently wrong or bad about it, it's just not to my taste.