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  • 12-03-2008 5:51pm
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    This board is for the discussion of Athletics (track and field at local, national and International levels), Running (road, cross country, mountain at all distances) and Triathlon / Multisport (Duathlon, Quadrathon)

    This board is a combination of the old Athletics Forum and Marathon / Triathlon. The rules are pretty simple!
    • No personal abuse - It's not acceptable in RL, it's not acceptable here!
    • Don't slag someone else's performance. We all strive to improve our times and hopefully this forum will help people do that. If you scoff at someone who is proud of running 50 mins for a 10k, keep it to yourself. It doesn't matter if someone took 10 hours to cover 26.2 miles or used stabilisers to do a triathlon. They are talking about their achievements and please do not undermine that.
    • If you wish to sell an item you can post a thread in the Gear and Equipment sub forum, as long as you adhere to the rules listed in this post.
    • We do not give out medical advice. Injuries may have common symptoms but are unique to the individual - just because you were able to keep training with X injury or were out for months because of Y doesn't mean that the same will apply to someone else. Bad advice given here and followed through could aggravate an injury and prevent an athlete making a full recovery in as rapid a time as possible. This restriction is Boards-wide and purposely heavy-handed. So don't feel offended if your thread about a sprained ankle (which you may deem "non-medical") gets locked.
    • If you want to look for (or sell) race numbers because you forgot to enter on time then check that the race allows transfers (most don't). Forward the link or email which states transfers are allowed to the mods before posting your request. We'll close any threads that don't do this.
    • No doping talk! Please no speculation on which athletes may be doping
    • No "Walter Mitty" posts! Please be honest in reporting your own achievements. Running a 35 / 45 or even 55min 10k makes no actual difference to people in here. Be aware that if you do post times - and in particular fast times or remarkable improvements - you may be asked to provide some proof. Likewise if you claim to have coached elite athletes. So please stick to the facts!
    • We have a lot of great and experienced posters in here across all disciplines and distances. All of us will offer advice if it is asked for but it is up to you to weigh up that advice and decide if you wish to follow it - it is always at your own risk. And if you are given advice by someone don't be afraid of asking what they base the advice on, their own background and experience. It will help you sift the good advice from the not so good.
    • Third party discussion of under age athletes is banned in order to avoid criticism of young athletes on a public forum or placing too much pressure on their shoulders. Discussion of major underage events (e.g. EYOF, World Juniors, etc) will be permitted but anything that the Moderator feels is inappropriate ["Joe Bloggs is crap and has no future in the sport" or "Josephine Bloggs will be a big dissapointment if she's not an Olympic Medallist in the future!!!"] may be removed". If you notice someone discussing underaged athletes, please use the report button to bring it to the moderator's attention.
    • Charity recruitment or fundraising is not allowed. Noone ever asks a gaa player if he would like to play the all ireland for their charity, but we regularly have charities trying to recruit runners. If you feel you have something to add to the overall ART discussions and this included mentioning your charity, please run it by a mod first. We have no problem with listing charity races in the calendar, or posters having a discrete link to their fundraiser in their signature, but please limit talk about charity races to the racing part.
    • Any material deemed inappropriate will be immediately removed and the user may face infraction. This includes, but is not limited to, inappropriate/pornographic style pictures, links to inappropriate/pornographic websites, and so forth.Along with inappropriate behaviour (ie. sexism, racism, ageism and other bigotry) is not on and will be deleted. We want to encourage everyone to engage in boards, not just one small demographic while everyone else gets offended by it. Remember there are Juvenile athletes who also frequent this board

    These are the specifics. There's also the general "don't be a muppet" rule - use common sense but the Mods have the final say on what is or isn't muppetry. If you have an issue with a post just use the Report post button and we'll take a look


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    All race threads MUST go in the A/R/T Events forum. Any race thread posted in the main forum is subject to either deletion or being moved (at Mod discretion). If you want to have your event included in the Race Calendar, please PM details to one of the moderators, and we'll include it.

    We are happy to list all races and events that might be of interest to those who frequent this forum. In general, anyone is free to start a thread about an event or race that they think will be of interest. However, Boards is a privately owned website that is ad revenue driven. As such we cannot do "free advertising". This means if your event is commercial, for-charity, or for-profit, please contact the mods BEFORE starting a thread, and keep all discussion factual and informative. Unfortunately, there have been previous instances where race organizers have tried to "shill" their event, by talking it up without declaring an interest, or having friends talk it up. This is not helpful to any of the readers of the forum, so events that do this will have all discussion and threads closed.

    The event forum is a discussion board, so good and bad points about races will be brought up. If you strongly object to something that someone has said about your event, or feel it is unfair or without foundation then please use the report post function and the Mods will review it and remove it if it breaks site rules.

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