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Number / Letter Quiz...

  • 10-03-2008 2:37pm
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    I have been given a quiz sheet with 20 letter / name combinations taht need solving. I have all execpt three and they are driving me mad! Can anyone put me out of my misery and tell me the answers?

    First up some samples (answers below):

    1982 the F W

    14 P in a S

    6 W or K H the E

    88 T F L

    and now the three I'm stuck on:

    3 UP is an A

    (on teh original there is no space between U and P, this may be a typo)

    1 M M is A M P

    11 VS on the B S

    Help please!


    1982 the Falklands War

    14 Pounds in a Stone

    6 Wives or King Henry the Eighth

    88 Three Fat Ladies


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    3 under par is an albatross.

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    1 M M is A M P

    1 Mans Meal is Another Mans Poison

    11 VS on the B S

    11 Violent Storm on the Beaufort Scale

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    And with that he says thank you and goodnight!

    Really appreciate that - I should have got the "one mans meat..." but not being into golf or meterology I'd never have got the other two!