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  • 08-03-2008 8:08pm
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    Forum Charter [READ BEFORE GOING ANY FURTHER] 08/03/2008
    Forum Charter UPDATED 01/12/2012
    Welcome to the Interior Design & Decoration Forum.
    Please take a few minutes to familiarise yourself with the rules of the Forum.
    1.0 Overview
    1.1 This board is intended for discussion of Interior Design & Decoration issues, by fellow users, and as a place to openly exchange tips and advice for free i.e. no one must seek to gain personally, professionally or financially from their participation in the forum . It is not a consultancy service and it is strongly advised that you always appoint your own professional advisor(s). Be aware that being an open public forum you may not always get exactly the response you would hope for. You will find that there are plenty of posters who will help you here but if you don't like some posts or posters try to pass over them .

    1.2 If you feel a post is insulting use the report post function ( bottom left hand side of each post ) or send a pm to any one the moderators listed at the bottom of each forum page.

    1.3 Common sense rules of etiquette and good manners are to be respected at all times. You are expected refrain from posting personal abuse, bad language, advertising, spam and failure to observe this may warrant a ban.

    1.4 Disclaimer . Whilst advice might be sought/given, posters should make every effort to verify advice expressed herein by the appointment of an independent and knowledgeable third party.

    The advice and opinions expressed on this forum are not those of Ltd. and the management accepts no responsibility for what is written and posted here.

    1.5 Do not reply to a post by inserting text within the quoted post.

    1.6 Any defamation found in this forum will result in the thread/post being edited or deleted. Defamation is when something is said about another person (legal, natural or otherwise, that means companies can be defamed) that is untrue and damaging

    2.0 Forum Moderation

    2.1 If you are not happy for any reason with the moderation of the forum then you may send a Private Message to one of the moderators and if this does not address your concerns you should then follow the Dispute Resolution Procedure.

    2.2 Do not argue with a mod or dispute his/her instructions on thread. If you have an issue send a Private Message to the moderator .

    2.3 Any abuse within those PM's will be dealt with appropriately.

    3.0 Naming of companies , bodies , individuals , products or services

    3.(a) With the exception of large, national or multi-national businesses who really don’t need the free advertising , posts naming specific companies/traders and/or their products are discouraged and may be deleted and the poster warned or banned or both.

    3.(b) Any content which appears to either exalt or to condemn any specific companies/traders will be deleted and the poster warned or banned or both.

    3.(c) Moderators, at their discretion, may allow posts that contain links to a business/company/product if;

    (i) the mods are reasonably satisfied that the poster has no direct or indirect affiliation to the business, or has no axe to grind with that business and/or

    (ii) posting the link/details will be beneficial to the forum regulars and visitors.

    3.(d) If in doubt about any of the above please send a Private Message to one of the forum moderators before posting.

    3. (e) Furthermore any posts or any uploaded files of any type that are viewed by the moderators as being in any way self promotional in nature will be removed and the poster banned for an appropriate period of time at the moderators discretion

    4. 0 Advertising – Don’t !

    4.1 Do not advertise any commercial activity on this site. This will lead to an immediate ban, the duration of which is at the moderators discretion.

    4.2 The forum shall not be used by anyone for the purpose of personal gain by advertising their services directly/indirectly or referring to same in their posts. This includes user names, or providing website addresses, contact numbers, etc.

    4.3 It is permitted for posters to make contact for the purposes of conducting business directly only by Private Messages .

    4.4 If you wish to make an advertisement for something like free bricks, tiles etc. please go to which is our new advertisement site. All ads are free and you will also find a services section. As threads cannot be moved to this new site like before, any such ads will be locked and moved to the recycle bin. This is a reasonable rule and as an example, the same would happen if you were to advertise a car for sale in the motors section.

    5.0 Recommendations – seeking or making

    Threads or posts looking for recommendations for products and / or services will be allowed but any recommendations should be given by pm only.

    People should only participate in this forum (or any forum) in accordance with Terms of Use which they agreed to when signing up.


    Whilst advice might be sought/given in this forum, posters should make every effort to verify advice expressed herein with a suitably qualified independent third party who possesses the appropriate Professional Indemnity insurance cover. The advice and opinions expressed on this forum are not those of Ltd. and the management accepts no responsibility for what is written and posted here.

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