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Forum Charter

  • 08-03-2008 3:33pm
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    Forum Charter [READ BEFORE GOING ANY FURTHER] 25/03/2008

    Welcome to the Renewable Energies Forum, a sub forum of the Construction & Planning forum.

    Please take a few minutes to familiarise yourself with the rules of the Forum. This charter should be read in conjunction with the main Construction & Planning forum charter which covers all the sub forums of Construction & Planning.

    This forum is intended for discussion of Renewable Energy Systems, by fellow users, and as a place to exchange tips and advice.
    Renewable Energy Systems includes (but not limited to) the following;
    • HRV - Heat recovery Ventilation
    • Wood Pellet boilers/stoves/burners
    • Multi-fuel stoves and burners
    • Heat Pumps - Geothermal and/or air-source
    • Solar panels - Water heating and PV cells
    • Domestic Electricty Generation - Turbine, windmill, etc

    General rules of etiquette and good manners are to be respected at all times.

    Do not reply to a post by inserting text within the quoted post.
    Instead, break the quoted post up into sections and wrap [noparse]
    [/noparse] around each section of text, with your reply below

    Do not advertise any commercial activity on this site. This will lead to an immediate ban, the duration of which is at the moderators discretion.

    Do not promote yourself or your business/company or use the forum for personal or professional gain. Company names or links to company names cannot be used as account names when posting in this forum or any of the Construction and Planning forum/sub forums.

    Any threads outside of the boards installers list naming specific companies/traders will be deleted.

    BER and DEAP: Al discussion and posts in relation to this should be made in the thread of the same title which is stickied on the top of the front page.

    Please refrain from posting personal abuse, bad language, advertising, spam or anything else that may warrant a ban.

    Whilst advice might be sought/given, posters should make every effort to verify advice expressed herein with an independent and knowledgeable third party. The advice and opinions expressed on this forum are not those of Ltd. and the management accepts no responsibility for what is written and posted here.

    If you wish to make an advertisement for something. please go to which is our new advertisement site. All ads are free and you will also find a services section. As threads cannot be moved to this new site like before, any such ads will be locked and moved to the recycle bin. This is a reasonable rule and as an example, the same would happen if you were to advertise a car for sale in the motors section.

    Lastly, any defamation found in this forum will result in the thread/post being edited or deleted. Defamation is when something is said about another person (legal, natural or otherwise, that means companies can be defamed) that is untrue and damaging

    Added 2022
    It has come to our attention that certain people are using this forum to promote themselves/their business by sending unsolicited PMs to members. This is in breach of the forum charter and Boards Terms of Use and anyone found to be engaged in this practise will be banned not only from the forum but from the entire site.

    There are lots of instances where members request PMs which is their prerogative but if any member here receives an unsolicited PM then they should either report that PM by clicking on the little red/white triangle at top right of PM or alternatively contact one of the forum mods privately.

    While we welcome the input of the various professionals and business people who post here we will not tolerate any attempt to underhandedly use the forum for personal gain. To this end we will be depending on the goodwill and trust of our members to help with keeping the forum independent by reporting any misuse of the PM system.

    Added April 2022:
    Following discussion amongst moderators and admin, there will now be a thread with details of installers who have been used by established members.

    These installers are not approved or recommended by - they are simply confirmed by members as having completed their installs. This list has been compiled based on the information provided to the pvstats website, and the spreadsheet used to record members information and generation stats.

    There are agreed restrictions (length of membership and post count) for a boards member's installer to be included on the list, this is in order to prevent shilling or false data submissions. These restrictions may be reviewed in future.

    Anyone seeking details on companies will now be directed to the Members Installers thread. The quotes thread has been overrun with PM requests so this will serve to resolve this issue.
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