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asked to delete corporate email from a mailbox

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    I work for a small company in South Dublin. There is currently a power struggle taking place within the company between the two owners and their factions. I am the sole IT person. One faction is led by the 'CEO' and the other the 'Managing Director'. I should mention that the company comprises of less than 10 people.

    I am told (by the CEO's side) that the CEO has authority over the Managing Director. Two days ago the MD (who is offsite) sent an email which critical of the CEO to everyone in the company. Almost everybody saw it and the contents are common knowledge within the company.

    I was ordered by a director to delete the email from the inbox of an employee that hadnt seen it. I did this without much thought but have since questioned the legality of what I have done. I should also mention that I have made the MD aware (in confidence) of what happened, and there are multiple copies of the email in question so the person concerned has likely seen it anyway.

    I have just heard that a formal disiplinery process must be in progress for a company to enter the inbox of an employee. Can anyone tell me if this is true and advise me of my rights and responsibilities regarding this situation?

    While I wont do anything I consider morally repugnent, the fact is i really need the job. So I need to know when i can say no to them. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.