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one last shot

  • 04-03-2008 3:38am
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    hi all. i'm smoking the last fag in the box as i write this and ive just decided to try to kick them one last time. i've lost count the amount of times i've tried and failed. never gone 24 hours without one. my mind starts to play tricks with me and all the reasons i want to give em up just dont seem important. i smoke up to 60 a day and i'm desperate so i've decided to post on this. not sure how or if it will help but i'll try anything. if ye dont hear back from me i've failed again and i'll just have to accept i can't give em up. also want to say to those who have succeeded i really admire ye and do what it takes to stay off em. hope i'll be posting tomorrow


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    jeez setter, start out positive anyway... best of luck the rewards are worth it.
    i quit 9 feb 05 and i hate to sound holier than thou, just remember you werent born with a fag in your mouth; hope to see your post tomorrow

  • Registered Users Posts: 126 ✭✭buachaillbeoir

    I fully agree, one of my friends just quit, he was on 40 a day for the last 15 years or so. he read the allen carr book over a weekend away with work last year. Monday morning he never light up a smoke and he's never smoked since!

    me on the other hand, bought the book and am too afraid to read it :)

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 213 ✭✭govinda

    @ buachaillbeoir: ironically enough, Allen addresses that point *in* the book if I remember correctly....something along the lines of, "what is the worst that could happen if you read the book? You're already smoking so you have nothing to lose".

    @ irish setter: hope you'll come back and post. Try carrying your list of reasons around with you to read over when you need a boost. I started a quit smoking diary when I quit last year and it has helped a lot to refer back to it.

    Good luck to all quitting!

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 277 ✭✭LaVidaLoca

    The hardest thing about giving up cigarettes, is your BELEIF that it is going to be really hard.

    The actual withdrawal symptoms consist of occassional irritability and a desire for a cigarette about 3 times a day, which disappears after about 2 weeks.

    I would imagine, that smoking 60 a day as you do now, you probably feel like **** mentally and physically, most of the time (I know I did on 20!)

    Nicotine is a dirty stimulant, that largely increases stress, discomfort and anxiety, (it's action basically works by overstimulating your adrenal glands) and it is only addiction to it that leads people to think of it as calming and comforting.

    f you give up tomorrow: You will feel worse than you do now about 3 times tomorrow (for about 5-15 minutes each time), when you're craving a cigarette, and you will feel better for the other 99% of the day, as you body will be thanking you for giving it a break.

    This feeling of calm and peace starts on day one, and gets better and better with each passing day. Until finally you are you again: Able to sit in a chair and think you thoughts or go for a walk without having to have a fag on you at all times.

    The simple reality with giving up cigarettes is this: If you think it will be incredibly hard to give up cigarettes, it will be incredibly hard to give up cigarettes. If you think it will be easy, it will be easy.

    It is rather like sinking in quicksand, as the old analogy goes, stop stuggling and you will find it easy to get out.

    Good luck.

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    did you succeed OP?

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