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The Situations Vacant Sticky

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    This sticky is for recruitment advertisements. It has been created as I don't like turning away small companies and genuine posters who have a need. I also don't like denying the users of this forum a chance to make a few quid or find a new job.

    So here's the rules:
    • No recruitment companies/agencies/bureaus or what ever you call yourselves.
    • Post your job in here. State the position and anything else you consider important. Job descriptions are a good thing.
    • Post jobs only. If you have a question ask by pm, do not post it here or in the programming forum.
    • Do not offer your services.
    • I'll delete jobs that are more than 3 months old, unless asked not too. This is to keep the thread readable and up to date.
    • If you've filled a vacancy can you let me know so I'll remove the ad.
    • Provide contact information, that is a company name plus a company email address, company phone number, or the company website.
    • Positions advertised that are offering equity and/or profit share instead of salary in return for work will be deleted immediately.
    • Positions advertised which are judged to be unreasonable or nonsensical will be deleted.

    A note on thread management
    If your post is within the rules it will stay up. If not it will be deleted - we may contact you and ask you to update your post if it falls outside of the rules, we may just delete it. If it disappears without us contacting you feel free to pm the mods asking why.

    Helpful Hints
    • In general, an ad without a given salary range isn't going to attract as many applicants as an ad with a given salary range.
    • You may also want to read this before posting your ad. Note the comment about not all engineers being unattached 20 somethings.

    If you're posting an email address you can post it as name [at] example.com which would equate to [email protected]. It will prevent your email address from getting picked up by spam bots.

    Once again I'll ask you to please keep to the rules, they are there to ensure the thread is up to date, readable, and useful i.e. an enhanced user experience.

    That's it for now.


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