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Do we have any comeback with travel agent?

  • 09-02-2008 12:44pm
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    I hope this thread is in the right location!

    Basically my girlfriend went into a travel agents last week and booked a surprise package for myself and her to go to see a tottenham hotspur game in April. The travel agent sorted out the flights and hotel as my girlfriend was depending on her. I have just researched the hotel that the travel agent picked for us and I find out that it is nowhere near tottenham. It is in Kensington and is ten minutes from the chelsea stadium. Not only that but the same day that we are going to see the Spurs game, Chelsea are playing at home to Man United! So the place will be full of United supporters.

    My girlfriend paid nearly 1000 euro for this package and I think that the travel agent messed us about. My girlfriend was relying on her to get us near the Spurs stadium not near Chelsea's! Do we have any comback to this situation or any rights at all?

    Any help really appreciated.


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    First, must say that I have no idea how difficult it might be to get from your hotel to the ground. If there is a good public transport link, or if a taxi would not be unreasonably expensive, then I think you have no case. I don't think you can reasonably expect a travel agent to know about Chelsea's game.

    If it is unreasonably difficult to get to Spurs, the next question is whether your girlfriend made it clear to the travel agent that she was depending on her as the expert. Your post gives that impression. If that is so, then you certainly have an arguable case. I would go back to the travel agent, point out the difficulty, remind her that your girlfriend treated her as the travel expert (that is key), and ask her to do something about it -- ideally find a more suitable hotel. If she refuses, tell her that you go under protest rather than lose all the value of the trip, and that you will bring a claim for compensation in due course. Of course you should stay calm and focused rather than lose the rag.

    My guess is that the travel agent will fold.

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    most of the hotel companies dont have to be paid until 2 weeks before departure and generally speaking people can canx the hotel free of charge before then, the travel agents should of made your girlfriend aware of the location of the hotel, as many of the companies have maps showing the location, it this is the case the travel agent is at fault. Ask to speak to the manager and state the case

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    well you r abit away from spurs ground tbh as spurs north london and chelsea west but london has a great underground service dat would get u from where u are to white hart lane in 10mins. Imo i would rather stay in west london as north london is abit of a dive and west lonon is where all the nite life/action is;)

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    There should be no problem getting the travel agent to change hotels with this many months notice. But if you want to see some of London as well at the match then Kensington is a good place to stay. Kensington high street and the surrounding area has lost of shops, many nice restaurants and a few decent bars, plus easy access with bus and tube. I don’t know which hotel you have been booked into, but I have stayed in 3 hotels just of Ken High Street in last 2 years and they were all good. The situation maybe not as bad as you think !!!

    Any chance the travel agent was trying to find a hotel that would be a compromise between a lads football day away for you and a girle shopping holiday for your gf?

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    Sound like the travel agen could have not been paying attention and just heard " ... football ... London ..." and then went and picked the hotel next to where united were playing as that's what she'd done for the previous customer and knew no better.

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    robinph wrote: »
    Sound like the travel agen could have not been paying attention and just heard " ... football ... London ..." and then went and picked the hotel next to where united were playing as that's what she'd done for the previous customer and knew no better.

    I would disagree with you on that point. Getting to Tottenham from Kensington should be no problem. You have the circle line running from High Street Kensington on its easy to get to from Heathrow.

    I used to be a travel agent. What I think is going on is they possibly booked a hotel trough a clearing house which gives the most commission to them. By any chance did they book you into the Cophtorn Tara Hotel?

    Kensington is quite a good area to stay in. Think of it you are only going to be in the stadium for 3 hours max. There is allot of good restraints and bars in Kennington. It is also very central so you can enjoy London when you are there after the match and see some of the sights.

    The one thing I do think by reading the post is she possibly paid too much for the package or it must be really a good hotel.