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Rocky Horror Picture Show (Dublin)

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    Fridays 8th Feb @ 8pm - 12/15euro, The Sugar Club, Leeson Street, Dublin City (Link to Site & Map)

    The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a cult classic that has been showing in cinemas worldwide since the 70s! If you want to have a great night out, you should come definitely along! There will be a big show where people act out the burlesque-style film scenes on stage. There's plenty of audience participation & shouting up at the screen. Have your dancin' shoes at the ready for the 'Time Warp'! Prizes for the best-dressed and anything goes! Check out some pictures from the last one!

    Please note that this is an alternative activity-based night out however it is not a non-drinking event. That said, it's easy to have a fun-filled night out here without the drink!