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Stopping soon - advice on mood control please

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    I'm going to stop smoking, after 30 years on the weed. :eek:

    My D-day is 2 weeks Friday, going to do my first couple of days at a weekend for 2 reasons: I hope to be over the worst of the moodiness before I go back to work, and if I have a couple of sleepless nights, it's probably better for me to have them at the weekend (again work-related).

    Only ever tried to stop once before,many years ago, and failed miserably. Within a short time, I was in a genuinely murderous mood & honestly believed/convinced myself that if I didn't have a smoke, I'd either attack my partner or destroy the house.
    Since then, I've done loads of long-haul flights & been on oil-rigs where smoking was temporarily banned for safety reasons, so I know that I'm more able(willing?) to cope than I used to be. I'm hopefully also a bit more mature.

    My biggest concern is the moodswings. My partner is such a gentle soul & I'll hate myself if I'm growling at her. I'd also like to get through the dark days without her seeing me smashing the PS remote against a wall! I'm thinking avoidance may the best option - long walks on the beach with the dog etc. But I can't stay out all day every day.

    What do you good folks recommend as the best way to control the moods?
    I'm convinced I can stop, I'm going to stop. But I don't want my missus to be scared of me.


  • The simplest thing to do is to sit down and count to ten when you start feeling angry.

    That doesn't always work, so there is also the option of focussing your anger on something productive.

    Build something like a kennel for the dogs. I'm sure you'll find plans somewhenre on the net.
    Just do it while you are feeling angry.

    Other distractions work too.
    If you have a hobby or something, you could spend more time at it.
    Play some violent video games and take your frustrations out on the enemy. :)

  • Cheers for that, Terry.

    I'm praying the weather will be half-decent so I can stay outdoors a lot. Suspect it may not be the best thing to have a hammer in my hands though! But if it's not lashing I'll use some blunt instruments on the garden, God knows it needs it.

    I know everyone and every case is different, but is there a rule of thumb how long the jitters last?

  • No rule of thumb, I'm afraid.
    Are you going cold turkey or are you using a nicotine substitute?

    Again, these don't work for everyone and have different effects on everyone (A friend used the patch and it turned him into a vegan zombie).

    Oh, peeling oranges seems to work for some people too. Gives you something to do with your hands and it's good for you. :)

  • Haven't decided yet Terry, but am thinking cold turkey. Telling myself that if I can spend 24 hours travelling without a smoke - or a patch - I can do it at home too.
    Don't really want to get into wearing patches for months, although maybe for the first few days it might be a help. But for now, cold turkey, methinks.

    Vegan zombie certainly paints a freaky picture, that'll probably be in my nightmares now!

    Peeling oranges is an interesting one, and the juice can only be good for you!
    I'm planning being outdoors if the weather's good & spending a lot of time on the PC when it's not, and in the evening, cos I never smoked in that room anyway - so hopefully I can keep my hands busy.

    Any other tips gratefully accepted!