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Core 2 e4500 overclock


  • Id start with lowering your multi and raising your fsb untill you find a wall. Then start playing around with voltages and different mobo bios'.

  • Ok so i'm confused by results now..
    I hit 430MHz x6
    but only 400MHz x8 ??

    How far can I push voltages before things start frying?
    So far i've only had the cojones to increase fsb and mch by +0.1v

    Anywho, I appreciate the help..
    So what's next?

  • Are the voltafe read outs above accurate? can you confirm with the bios. If so you can push a fair bit more :)

  • torrents29 wrote: »
    How far can I push voltages before things start frying?
    So far i've only had the cojones to increase fsb and mch by +0.1v

    Keep going :D
    BTW what are your full specs?

    Edit: your pic shows 1.42V in cpuz, I'd say your sound yet, just watch your temps. i've given a C2d alot more voltage than that.

  • I've been up to vCore 1.508v(BIOS reading) 1.49v(cpuz).
    Intel site says 1.5v is safe...
    Can I give it some more because temps are still below 60C at full load?
    FSB +0.3v
    MCH +0.3v
    It's stable at 3.4GHz (340 X 10)
    3.5GHz boots but fails stress test in less than 1min

    I'll take another screenshot later..

    Another issue is that my memory multiplier has nothing between 2.5 and 3 so at 350fsb the ram is at either 875 or 1050 which is too aggressive for the 4-4-4-12 latency i'm achieving @ 340fsb X 3 = 1000MHz

    Full Spec is
    Gigabyte P35 DS3
    C2D E4500 2.2GHz @ 3.4GHz
    Crucial Ballistix 2X1GB PC6400 @ 1000MHz 4-4-4-12
    Scythe Mine HSF
    Corsair vx450 Power
    HD 2600XT @ 860 1720

    Again, cheers for the help lads..

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  • I'd not let it go higher than 70'c measured with core temp so you know its right.

    Loosen the timings on the ram & use higher frequency, you'll see more of a performance increase with higher frequency & looser timings with Intel chipsets. Run the Everest latency test at both 875 4-4-4-12 and 1050 5-5-5-15 (or whatever timings your capable of) & compare, 1050 5-5-5-15 will show much better performance.

  • Cool thanks,
    I'll try that later and post results...

  • I can't get to 3.5 because of the lack of voltage settings on my mobo. 1.6 is too little and 1.8 is too much

    Fairly happy with where I'm at so i'm just gonna start trimming voltages...

    Thanks for all the help lads, I really appreciate it.;)

  • Thats not a bad overclock :D

  • yeah thats a nice area to be in if you can keep her stable and cool especially on air.
    me with a q6600 am ticking over @ 3421MHz daily

    sometimes i like to go nuts and hit the limits but without proper cooling its like putting the cpu in an incinerator.

    nice job.;)

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