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Transformers Animated 1x04 "Home is Where the Spark Is" [** SPOILERS WITHIN **]

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    Home Is Where the Spark Is
    **Warning This thread contains Spoilers**


    Aired:Saturday January 5, 2008

    Synopsis:Optimus Prime and the Autobots set up base at an old auto-parts shop. Meanwhile, Megatron's head comes back online and takes control of several robots to attack the Autobots and reclaim the AllSpark.

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  • Okay
    I think we are now in a position where we have not been in for some time....

    The position to discuss new transformers episodes.

    Anyway... I enjoyed this about as much the pilot... which is quite a lot.

    They're certainly putting a lot of effort into the characterisation. The human characters are pleasant enough, although Bumble Bee is a tad on the annoying side.

    Good to see Megatron back online already... and just having his head like that reminds me a lot of Straxus.

  • Okay
    Yeah I enjoyed it myself, I'm glad we got some characterisation on Prowl, kinda reminds me of G1 Hound now. I really like megatrons voice, its really creepy. I'm still gonna wait til episode ten or so before I make a real judgement on the series. Ya can really see the difference in the American and Jap writing, no more HUAAA or HAAAAH!! stuff to fill up dialogue.

  • Bad
    bumble bee was BEYOND annoying

    but prowl was very well done and the annoyancye of bumblebee seemed about antagonizing him

    best thing in it was megs. agree with the straxus analogy and harkens back to beast machines where he was stuck in the drones body. just shows megs doesnt need to be walking around to be a genuine threat. this sub plot could work out very well.

  • Bad
    I also noticed and enjoyed the Straxification of Megatron. Theres alot of interesting places they could go with it.

    I tend to filter out Bumblebee when he is being the kid interest character.

    Prowl is working out nicely I think, He is kind of a cross between the lonerish-ness of G1 Mirage and the earthloveyness of G1 Hound.

    I don't like The humans All Spark key thing seemingly being able to do anything. Very sonic screwdriver. (oooh, catch the nerd reference.)

    Ok episode, Didnt make my undies explode!

  • Okay
    I'm getting a bit of Niles out of Fraiser vibe off Prowl actually...

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  • Bad
    I'm getting a bit of Niles out of Fraiser vibe off Prowl actually...

    Yeah he kind of looks like niles. If niles was a giant robot