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Is it possible?

  • 01-12-2007 4:17pm
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    Quick question..

    As part of my college course I must pick a pedagogical option which I must do in my last semester(Feb-April 2008.) I picked Phyical Education, however due to limited places I may not get it.
    Anyway, if I do hopefully happen to get it, the assessment at the end could be a swimming assessment (this what it was last year)
    Now, im very sporty and iv excelled at every sport I'v ever put my hand to, however swimming was something I never put my hand to(dispite living a stones throw form the sea)
    Never got swimming lessons or anything..but if you threw me into the deep end of the pool I'd be able to get out alright but I'd tire quickly and can't tread water for that long.

    No doubt I need to get swimming lessons asap! But if I do is it possible to learn how to do a length of UL swimming arena with proper breathing and technique on front crawl, breaststroke, backstroke with 3months? How often would I have to go and practice in a week minimum?
    Am I off my tree?:o


  • Registered Users Posts: 5,365 ✭✭✭hunnymonster

    I would say it should be no problem. Most people can learn the strokes after a couple of lessons. Do you have to do each stroke as a 3x50 m medley? If not getting one length of the pool for each should be no problem. Get a lesson or two and try to practice in between.

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    Nope, not a medley as far as I know..oh dear god I hope not anyway!!:eek::D

    I think I remember talking to a girl and she said they had to do a length on each stroke and half a length on some other stroke..butterfly I'd imagine?!!

    Ya will go practice every second/third day once I get learning if needs be. Twill be a good excuse to learn how to swim properly anyway, never know when you might need it. Always wanted to be able to swim lengths alternative way to keep fit/work different muscles as I always go for a 2-3mile run every second day.

    So, all in all im not off my tree and it is possible..phewww!:)

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    Book yourself into the next set of lessons starting near you, Try and get in to swim, 3 times a week, outside of the lessons, Remember, Its not just teaching, the harder you work at it, the faster it'll come together for you. 3 months is easy. 6 weeks is do-able, I've seen it happen in 4, but again, that guy was coming in 4 times a week off his own bat, and doing one lesson a week. Ask the instructor what practices you need to do, you'll be doing lengths in no time at all.

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    Ya, will book lessons the minute I find out if I'v got the module/swimming is the assessment.
    Are lessons usually in a group/one to one?
    Will probably get lessons here in Cork somewhere for when I come home at weekends, then I can go over to UL during the week when im in college and practice away.

    Thanks for all yer help..Will let you know what happens!:)

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    Lessons are usually in a group, But one-to-one are available occasionaly, go with the group to start with, If you need a little polish on any stroke, one to one should finish it off.
    Best of luck.

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