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Buying and selling here


  • Anybody sell things here in regards to transformers and that ? Or anybody have any requests ?

    On boards? Kind of difficult since auctioneering isn't allowed as per the charter (and much of it is hard to just set a price on). I've got a rather extensive collection of Generation 0 stuff (much of still in packaging) which I have collected, but I've never seen anyone trade on boards (considering also that I'm a rather long-time adverts mod, and shop-category moderator before that)

  • I didnt mean it in a auction capacity, i ment more of a wishlist, maybe even trade.

  • Traded in most of my collection into Modelmania few months ago. Can't really complain thou, got nearly 2 grand for what i gave them between cash and credit.

    swapping would be what I think most people would be into, saves some money, except where postage was required. The old comic used to have a section where kids would say what they had to trade,and in what condition. Then list below it what they would like in return.

  • Yeah a trade forum would be good then, what anybody else think ?

  • You have my vote.

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