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Transformers The Game

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    For the benifit of those who didnt have the oppurtunity to purchase this game, or just arent gamers, I taught Id give you a run down of the full list of characters featured in the game and what their vehicle is (you only play as most of these characters in Multiplayer mode however)

    Optimus Prime 18 Wheeler
    Bumblebee Chevy Camaro 75'
    Ironhide GMC Topkick C4500
    Ratchet Ambulance
    Hound 4x4 Military Vehicle
    Trailbreaker Toyota Hilux
    Sideswipe Lamborghini
    Jazz Pontiac Solstice
    Hoist Pickup Truck

    Megatron Cybertronian Jet
    Barricade Saleen S281 Patrol Car
    Swindle Chevrolet Cobalt
    Dropkick GMC Topkick C4500
    Longarm Pickup Truck
    Starscream F-22 Raptor
    Shockwave Laser Cannon
    Brawl/Devestator Military Tank
    Blackout Helicopter
    Mixmaster Cement Truck
    Thundercracker Jet
    Bonecrusher Buffalo Armoured Vehicle

    Other Transformers to make a general apperance in some versions
    Scorponok (Not playable in the DS version)

    Hope someone apprichates that anywaiz


  • I do apperciate it except for the fact that the game was naff. It felt like it belonged on a Playstation 1. And so irratingly repeative.
    So Glad I got it as a present because spending money on it would have hurt me.

  • i bought it on day 1 for ps3 alongside the darkness and my god did it make the darkness look like a shining gift from the heavens. thank god i worked in the shop and was able to return it straight away because it stinks on ice.

    looks pretty, but has the most awful mechanics and gameplay in the world

  • My nephew got it for the PS2... he absolutely loves it for some reason though.

    I think it's muck... just hammer the one button again and again in the fights.

    Lot's of glitches too... in the battle sections you're stuck in a contained area which you're not allowed leave until you've defeated all your enemies... but your enemies are allowed wander out of the contained area and not come back.

  • how in the name of god did they **** this up? seriously its a lovely looking game and the cinematics are fine but the game plays awfull. far too repetitive and while the destructive enviroment is fun youve feck all chance to use it in a fight because its virtually useless. and what the hell was the point of the cybertron stuff at the end? that was just god damn lazy and you couldnt even transform there!!

    i will admit it was fun to fight as G1 megs and prime but thats not enough to save this.

    most unforgivable is the fact, in the PS2 version, you cant even use all the characters. how the hell could you have someone as cool as brawl/devestator in the game and not let you play him ?!?!

    as a fan im glad i bought it but still it couldve been SO much better. heres hoping the next one get it right (HINT: combiners you control as a squad AND a gestalt entity! :D )

  • Truth be told I liked the game, but was more impressed by being able to play as the Deceptions, since playing as Optimus Prime has never really appealed to me that much and apart from him and Bumblebee there isn't much of a stage for the other good guys. I would have liken if the Shockwave/Thundercracker storyline had of been a part of the movie as I didnt like how the Decepticons disappeared for a large chunk of the movie with little to no background on how they managed to reach earth

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  • is got a 2 out of ten in edge ,how do the designers live with themselves

  • i sadly admit to having it on 360 n enjoyin it. I really enjoyed it when i first got it but as you progress it becomes quite painful and transformin becomes tedious. with the autobots im stuck on a level with bumblebee in hoover dam and you have to survive while the allspark shrinks while annoying drones and megatron's gun are pounding you out of it. its ridiculous.

    I have to admit the decepiticon levels are alot more fun. Starscream and blackout are cool.

    The G1 version of prime and megatron gives some fanboy satisfaction.

    Would have loved a multiplayer smash em up tho.

  • My brother picked this up for the ps3 during the week. This is without a doubt the worst game I have played in a long time. So much potential gone to waste. The cut cenes looked like they came from a ps1 game. Terrible animation. One button for combat ffs! Its so unbelievably repetitive. Most of the transformations were crap especially Primes.
    The only bit I enjoyed was smashing up the base at the start as Blackout.
    This is an awful game. Everything about it is shoddy and poorly done. Lazy development at it's worst
    This game is being brought back to the shop as I type this. :mad:

  • Played it on PS2 in a shop. I was Bumblebee fighting a bunch of Swindles. One punch and they explode. Tap punch three times quickly and he does a big punch. it got boring after two minutes. :(

  • Did anybody see G1 Prime G1 Megatron and G1 Starscream are also in this game.

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  • i thought the game was good for what it is...a kids game! think alot of you have forgotten that. i dont think it was made for 30 year old nerds.....(not calling anyone a nerd or anything) but i just think its a kids game so i didnt analyze it that much!:D

  • Do yourselves a favour and buy a copy of Melbourne House's FAR superior version of Transformers that was released on the PS2 a few years ago.
    Movie tie-in games are usually ****e, but god only knows how this one ever went gold...

  • was that transformers armada? i hated it, was too repetitive.