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Automatic electronic roulette tables

  • 04-08-2007 5:21pm
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    I have noticed these tables in alot of casinos. they are touch screen and the wheel is in the middle and up to 8 people play it heres a pic of what they look like

    anyway i no that people have pumped thousands in these i have seen people playing a thousand euro a spin its mad stuff. i have been watching the sequences of the numbers they seem to be random but i have noticed something odd. alot of the numbers tend to double alot or the sequnce could go like 0,0,26,0. i saw that once whats the probablity of that happening on a real table. about 2 weeks ago a guy told me the ball landed on 7 zeros in 15 spins which leads me to believe that the whole thing is a scam and the people that lay their bets the ball will more than likely fall into a number with the least amounth on it.
    i would like to no how they do this iis it a magnet or somthing has any of u gamblers come across these machines. i no the casino in youghal has 2 of them and a few of the cassinos in tramore have them too


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    Very unlikely it's a scam. Machines with chance associated with them are very heavily regulated, and you'll see licences on many of them.
    Found fixing a game (or suggesting incorrect odds) will cost the licence for that machine to be revoked, and the licences for other machines not to be renewed for that owner.
    As was said, it's just as likely to get 0,0,0,0,0 as it is to get 4,12,5,11,14. Humans percieve clusters not to be random, and think that perfectly evenly spaced out numbers are random.

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    More likely to be an unlevel wheel than a fix.. If you get a particular range of numbers and their neighbours popping up that regularly.. (e.g. 0,26,32,3,15)

    Done well on an automated table in South Africa a month or so back.. but then they reset the wheel.. :(

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    Its not a scam, All these "automatic" roulette machines are 100% computer controlled and are as random as they seem.

    System works with air being blown out of the roulette ball holding point - the level of compression is changed with each spin to have a random number come up.

    The beauty of these machine for casinos is they are 5 times faster than regular roulette and there is no need for croupier & security staff.

    As for the other one arm bandit machines - these are totally fixed and leagally too!

    If you are in London next January, go to the ATEI exhibition (gaming machine association) and you will find out how each different gaming machine works and how they take your money - completely legally & above board! -

    Example - regular gambling machines, UK payout is 70%+ of money put in. Basically nearly all your "wins" will be small amounts so you are less inclined to withdraw your winnings from the machine, so whilst you will have started with £50 you will get approx £200 of plays and most wins being less than £10. Their research shows that only on wins over £100 are people likely to withdraw on a regular basis, wins of £50 - £100 were only likely to be withdrawn by less than 50% of players playing a £1 machine.

    It has stopped me even casually putting a few quid into the machines as you simply will not win except on a very odd occasion.

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    Its not a scam for sure. the probability of any number coming up next is same as any other number regardless of previous outcomes as the ball does not have in long term things even out and almost all numbers come up almost same if you record 100000 outcomes. I have been a compulsive gambler and seen one number coming up six times in a row and 8th time again. Its possible but not very often. Thats why its so difficult to win in roullette and casinos are more than happy to take the one number thats their advantage. You cant win on roullette consistantly for sure apart from some kind of fault in the machine (Which I have seen and taken advantage of) or apart from some kind of cheats like past posts or stealing chips from the table. or removing the loosing bet chips after the outcome. What I noticed in a machine in a casino was that the automated Roullette machine allowed to bet even after the ball has landed on the number. that was unbelievable

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    6 year old thread :eek:.

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