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Barcelona Advice

  • 03-08-2007 8:47pm
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    I decided last weekend that I wanted to head away for a weeks holiday before I head back to college. So found flights to Barcelona for first week in September. It's myself and a mate heading away, just looking for a few days chilling out.

    Now this is where I need advice:
    We're planning on sorting out accommodation when we get over there, now I don't know how good an idea that is, but don't want to book a kip over the net either. Hostels are going to be the cheapest but security wise I'm not to sure about. Now I have never stayed in one but thats the impression I have. Will our stuff be safe during the day?

    Also I'm wondering about carrying cash around. I don't want to carry a lot around in case something does happen, so I thinking will a hostel have somewhere to keep my money secure. I could just use my credit card, but not every place will take it and that would be worse if someone got their hands on it. Any advice anybody can give is appreciated. We're staying 7 Nights and don't want to be spending a lot on accommodation.


  • Moderators, Entertainment Moderators Posts: 17,993 Mod ✭✭✭✭ixoy

    I've not stayed in too many hostels, but those that I have often had a facility for keeping your more valuable stuff at reception. There is rarely such facilities in any of the rooms themselves. As to stuff being safe in the room... should be fine. Have a scan of some hostel reviews on the web before you go ( and try for those with good recommendations rather than any old hostel you stumble across.

    As to carrying money... why do you not want to take it out over there? You can withdraw cash using an ATM and a credit card and probably even your regular bank card (if it's got the Maestro symbol on the bank). Ring your bank to get the exact charge cost for using them, but it's certainly better than bringing it all in one lump sum.
    The other option is Traveller's cheques, which can be cashed in only against your signature and are virtually worthless if stolen (as they can be cancelled).

    Incidentally, wave to me if you see me over - I'm in Barcelona in the first week of September as well. I'll be the guy with the M.A.S.K. helmet on!

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 61 ✭✭teckno

    Instead of using a hostel, why not book an apartment for a week for two. Barcelona is packed with good quality apartments and they are cheap as well. The site I use for booking an apartment in Barcelona is the through Ryanairs website I think it's and then click for apartments. Not that much more expensive then hostels and worth it for the safety and security

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    you really should get an apartment. they are cheap enough and give you comfort if you want to relax for awhile. if you search goolge it will give you loads of good sites with good cheap apartments. try and stay within 5 mins of la rambla. barcelona is the best city in europe i have ever been to. it can be quite crazy if ya want it to be and theres lots to do in the day time. the tube is first class there and you can get around easy. be careful on la rambla the main street. it is full of scammers. dont say i didnt warn. you will see for yourself. nearly everyone whos been to barca has some close encounter. just type it in to google and see! also watch out for the ladies of the night, they'll constantly pester you.
    the first time i went i got pissed for 5 days and didnt see a thing. the second time i had a good look around and its really a class city.
    make sure you try the zoo where i was told there was an albino gorilla but he died a few years ago. the beach is only 5 mins walk from the la rambla as well.
    enjoy the holiday but if anyone approachs you and the aint spanish they are probably trying to rob or scam you. watch for anyone from africa especially north africa. enjoy!

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    I was about to jump in and also recommend an apartment but I think for 2 lads going away a hostel would be better craic. I'd book in advance though, save yourself the agony of arriving and trying to find somehwere. I know you don't want to end up in some sh1thole but realistically, how many hostels are you going to check out in Barcelona, lugging your bags around? You should be able to find reviews of pretty much anywhere and they're usually a good indication of what to expect.

  • Registered Users Posts: 341 ✭✭Frankieboy

    Thanks for the advice lads.

    Had a look at apartment rates there, hardly any difference in apartment/hostel rates. €25 pppn is the same as most hostels. Thing is, do they charge the full capacity of the apartment as in 5 bed, or do they just charge who stays there, i.e. myself and my mate. I would prefer the apartment, and if they are the same price as hostel might be the better option. Any of ye lads remember where ye stayed?

    To ixoy, maybe we should have an European Boards Beers! ;)

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