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HELP PLEASE - Had to break into my own house

  • 30-07-2007 3:29am
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    Ok, i got locked out tonight, the key was on the inside of the front door meaning i couldnt get my key in from the outside to open the door. I managed to put a bit of wire in the letterbox and hook the keys on the inside but i couldnt get enough leverage to pull the key out of the door. I tried hammering the key in on the outside hoping to knock the key out on the inside, however this went horribly wrong and i fooked up the lock on the front door, the key just goes all the way round in the barrel, and now the key is broke/sheared off and stuck in the lock.

    I broke a window in the end, a small window above a bigger window and got in. My dogs were locked inside and 1 was whimpering so i had to get in. And the cat. They`re never left in at night and they`d destroy the place. Im keeping the dogs in tonight now for security seen as the window is broke.

    Anyway, where do i get all this fixed before the folks come home. Do i go to the people that installed our doors and windows (They were all put in about 3yrs ago, they`re double glazed brown wooden type), or do i ring a locksmith? Will a locksmith also install a window?

    The window is very small that i broke, its 50cm L * 22cm W. WIll this be expensive in double glazed? The window is the main priority for now, security wise. The door can be fixed later in the week, at least its stuck locked.

    Im in Louth, anyone know any reputable locksmiths/glazers in this area, around Drogheda preferrably.
    Thanks in advance.


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    If the key is stuck in the lock couldn't you just unscrew it and take it off from there? As for the window panes, yellow pages is probably your best bet.

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    Myth wrote:
    If the key is stuck in the lock couldn't you just unscrew it and take it off from there? As for the window panes, yellow pages is probably your best bet.
    The key is stuck in the lock and broken off, as in you cant see the bit of the key taht is buried in the lock. Theres no screws on the lock either, they`re hidden under the 1 piece metal fixture or else they`re reverse screws from the inside. If i take the whole thing apart i doubt it`ll go back together properly. I think my best bet is to get a locksmith in to see what he can salvage/renew.

    Yeah, yellow pages it probably will be. Cheers!

    I might try this lad, anyone know them? I can see this being expensive, with call outs and the like.

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    theres a locksmiths in the old shpping centre you could call into them and ask for there advice on what would be best to do, you'll have to get the window fixed seperately i'd say.

    The call out and window fixing would be expensive but i doubt the locksmith will be too expensive

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    O'Reilly Glass in Drogheda Donore Road 9836102 did a glazing job on my patio door that got broken accidently. They were quick came to the house took the door away and replaced it. My insurance company paid for the glass no excess either. You should look into that.

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    The locksmith fees were E70 if he could get a stuck key out and E140 if needed a new lock. Naturally enough, it needed a new lock. I fooked the whole barrel in the lock by rooting at it.

    Yeah Gonker, After a lot of ringing around i was put in touch with O'Reilly Glass, he came and measured it this evening, will fit it tomorrow.

    All is sorted at about the guts of E300, my folks will check the house insurance. Cheers for recommendations.

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    With most modern PVC type windows it is possible to remove the glass in about 3-5 minutes without breaking it or damaging the window in any way, I've done this on two occasions when locked out, I could then hop in the window unlock the door and replace the glass in about another five minutes. I know this is no use now but is handy to know if it happens again.