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Do I am a plastic paddy?

  • 15-07-2007 5:30pm
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    Hello everyone,

    at first let me tell you that I considered a long time about in which category I should put my thread best. Now I chose this one (I'll tell you later why) and hope it's okay though.

    Well, I feel completely confused about what follows now and I can't actually explain it, but this is how I feel:

    To introduce you, here are some lines from the song "My heart is in Ireland" by the Wolfe Tones.

    "My heart is in Ireland, it's there I long to be.
    Her hills and her valleys are calling to me.
    Though born here in this land, my heart is in Ireland.
    The land of the old folks is calling to me."

    I'm from Germany and I'm happy to live here, it's secure and we got peace here, I'm also proud being from Germany, we are a big, strong nation, the world's #1 exporter etc. I'm 18 years old now and I still go to school. The thing is that I - it might be a year ago or so - developed a deep admiration for Ireland. I started by listening to Irish Folk (primarily the Wolfe Tones), then I tried to undertand their lyrics and after that I wanted to know why they sing such sad songs (e.g. Joe McDonnell) and what it's all about. I actually "studied" (of course not really) the Irish history, wrote my skilled work about it and now I have strong patriotic feelings for whole Ireland, its people and countryside, its music weather. I execrate the English for they've done to Ireland and I support all those who want to reunite the northern part of Ireland with the whole body.

    The thing is I still go to school so I'm not able to move to Ireland or anything but I'm convinced when I finnished school I'll go there!

    The reason why I'm writing this is I want to ask you to tell me how it is overthere!!! I've never been to Ireland, I only dream of it. Can you understand me and my feelings? I want to marry an Irish girl and build a family with her of at least 3 children, I want to drink Guinness in a pub late at night and go home singing Irish Folk songs like Sean South of Garryowen, The wild rover, Whiskey in the jar, The town I loved so well, On the one road, A nation once again and many more all along!!! I LOVE IRELAND! You see I seem to be very in to it...I don't know what I can do to make my dreams come true.

    Please don't think of me as a German fogy, it must all seem very confusing and strange and mad and everything. But I really don't know what I can do, no one understands me here, nor my family, nor my friends (they're cool rappers, at least most of them), nor anyone else. I thought I must speak to someone Irish!

    Once again: it must sounds very, very strange to you and probably I forgot to tell you a lot of things to make it more understandable, but I need someone who can give me some feedback, if it's quite "normal" or absolutely mad.

    Thanks to all of ya, I truly appreciate every answer!


    PS: Please excuse my bad English, I'm trying my best. Moreover I'm also learning Irish Gaelic, but at the moment it's not enough to lead a conversation.


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    To be honest I find it a bit strange and unbeliveable really!!

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    Alright then, I'm probably just barmy about it. Thanks for your answer mate.

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    Good for you man, it's good to see someeone who loves the place so much. You'll definitely be able to do all you hope for over here, and if you've such a love for our music, and aren't afraid to sing, you'll be very popular in the pubs too. The guinness you'll find is miles better than anything you can get in Germany, but then, the beer here makes up for that by being terrible in comparison to German beer (unless you jut buy German beer of course).

    Get yourself a Ryanair flight over for a week or two, see how you like it. I recommend a smaller town than Dublin, something like Clifden.

  • Registered Users Posts: 81,224 ✭✭✭✭biko

    Just get a flight over when you can. Cork or Galway would be good places to start. I know there's a German travel agency operating out of Galway, cant remember the name though.

  • Registered Users Posts: 18 fmess

    sorry lads but this is funny, sounds like me back 15 years ago...I hated my country (Italy) so packed with poor people from eastern countries (mostly Romania, Latvia, Bosnia...) but also north african all arrived all in the 90's. Nothing personal against emigrants but I decided I was so fed up looking for jobs otherwise given to foreign nationals that I decided to leave myself....and what better place then this amazing country: Great booze, crackin' music great craic in general, I even went to Connemare learning some married with a Galway girl, 3 gorgeous kids, involved with community and the all lot, but I'm still a feckin foreign c...t and when I go back to my country I'm also called a foreign b.@#"rd.
    ye were suggesting Clifden, I live near the Burren, even more rural, still love this place like the first day I arrived, !km from the sea, but I kinda laugh now to see that Ireland is becoming a "little Italy" with all problems of emigrants, cheap labour, traffic and even corrupted will be sport (=$$$=Setanta, Sky, bla, bla) that'll go to the dogs...
    So lads from EU, before jammin' this small place check lots of websites that these days are available (not like the 90's) and see cost of life-traffic situation- jobs-health system-and te all lot!!!then if you still think is good, World is a free place for every HUMAN !!!
    Up the west, dump the rest!!! Up Galway!:D

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  • Closed Accounts Posts: 4 celticsmyside

    Thank you all for your detailed answers, it feels good to hear someone else than me and my inner voice haha!

    Probably you're right, I should just go there for a while and see how things are.

    My father - when he was a young lad like me - spent a couple of months in Galway. He loved it, but now he fears that Ireland might has changed over the years and ain't that what it used to be in the past. I agree with him, maybe the economic revival has caused mainly the cities to you know what I mean? I rather like the rural regions of a country, also here in Germany.

    Has anyone of you watched "The wind that shakes the barley"?

    Well, I still don't know what to do when I sit in my room alone, listening to Irish music and there's noone around me who doesn't give a ****ing damn about it. Just now I'm listening to "Newgrange" by the Wolfe Tones.

    I hope after I've finnished school I'll be able to go to Ireland for some time. Till then, tiocfaidh ár lá!

    See ya, and thanks again for ur answers.
    All the best

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    I want to drink Guinness in a pub late at night and go home singing Irish Folk songs like Sean South of Garryowen,

    sad news our republic is becoming a police state
    drinking late in pub = visit by cops
    singing on way home = drive in garda car
    singing folk songs = incitement to riot = public order offence

    save your money buy an island declare yourself monarch for life
    start your own version of your ideal ireland.:)