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DBoys M4A1 BI-3681 (metal) review

  • 18-06-2007 10:02pm
    Registered Users Posts: 5,882 ✭✭✭ ambro25

    Right lads, finally got down to shoot the thing off, and now down to this :)

    * Ordered from? RSOV
    * Cost landed? €160, including extra 8,4v 1400mah mini battery and 2 extra DBoys M4 mags (metal)
    * Customs? yes, €24
    * Delivery? about 9 days (including a trip via France - spare you the details :rolleyes: )

    First impressions:
    The box is your standard cardboard fare, as shown on RSOV website piccies. Shows an M4 with no mag, BI-3681 and a few additional details. Lots of thin cardboard inners, sections and cutouts, not that much polystyrene.

    In the box:
    an full metal M4A1
    a full metal hicap mag
    a charger (cheap straight-on-plug affair, black, no lights or timer or nothing)
    a mini battery (black, no markings, about 20-25% smaller than the 1400 mah so at a guess, 1050 mah or thereabouts)
    a bag containing a mini phillips screwdriver and an allen key
    a bag containing a barrel-mountable sling hook
    a barrel leaning rod (plastic)
    no bbs (probably a saving grace!)
    a small instructions booklet
    a three point sling (standard 2" black nylon - but actually quite good)

    The beast:
    In a word: hefty.

    Everything is metal, except the handguard and the stock (both ABS).

    Note that only the outer stock is ABS, since the stock length adjusting 'peg' and the stock core (straight bit screwed into the receiver) are both metal.
    The handguard feels a bit cheap: it doesn't play at all, but the plastics just feel 'thin' compared to quality of the rest. The stock not so much (even though it does feel like the same ABS. It could just be a question a thickness) and there isn't much play at all on the stock, even at full extension. No rubber butt plate, just hard ABS stock end.

    The metal feels good quality, not 'tin' if you know what I mean. The paint is a 'semi-matt' black finish, no scratches or flaking paint. It has a 'textured' feel to it (powdery, not quite 'just matt'). The entire M4 is black and the ABS colour is a very very close match.

    The barrel outer is single piece, the barrel inner extends nearly all the way to the flashhider, flashhider metal as well, standard 14mmm counterclockwise thread. The selector is good and solid, as is the mag release switch, the charging handle, the rear and front sights and their adjusting knobs.

    The mag sits well in the mag well with no play at all. The carrying handle is removable, leaving a standard notched weaver mount underneath.

    Overall, the M4 has a good weight to it, is relatively easy to wield one-handed (but you wouldn't want to do it for long!) and feels nicely balanced once the battery is in the handguard.

    Firing report:

    Caveat: I do not have a chrony and, after a bit of web surfing, found a battery of "rule of thumb" tests (coke can point blank, etc.) so FPS is a guesstimate. I would guess easily @ 320. Also, I haven't done a "grouping test" yet. Finally, my garden isn't very long (about 12 to 15 meters or so), so no hop up tweaking yet.

    Shot a mag full tonight, so about 300 rounds, and used the 1400mah battery straight away. Used Maruis 0,20g.

    * semi worked fine, with different triggers intervals (slow/fast), no misfeeds
    * auto worked fine, with different salvo lengths (2 secs, 5 secs, etc.) again no misfeeds
    * rounds per sec hard to tell, but compared with what AEGs I've seen on youtube stated at 20 per sec, I'd say a bit more than 20 per sec.

    * Coke can through-and-through at point blank, no bother
    * 1 coke can out of 9 pierced through 1 side at just over 9 meters, the others clearly dented

    * shoots nice and straight, straight-out-of-box. I've only had to ever-so-slightly shift the rear sights eyepiece right, but that's because I shoot "left-handed" (but am right-handed).

    'Tis about it, I'll now wrap up with airsoft pr0n of course :D


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