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New AMA with a US police officer (he's back!). You can ask your questions here

Angel Cabrera

  • 18-06-2007 8:07am
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    So another US Open is done and dusted.
    That's four international winners now since 2004.
    Casey had the best chance for europeans but couldn't buy a putt.
    Thought it was great that it went down to the wire.
    Fully deserved by Cabrera who really held it together towards the end.
    He must have smoked 100 cigarettes!
    Spare a thought for Woods who was really off form since he double bogeyed early on but Tried to make it happen but came up so short. He really is a terrific champion. Roll on Carnoustie. Let's hope he decides to play.


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    Cabrera in some hot water I see
    A police statement said an arrest was made in an upper class area of the city, but did not name the suspect, describing him only as a 51-year-old Argentine.

    Two federal police sources based in Rio separately confirmed that Cabrera was the detained man, the Associated Press said.

    The arrest was authorised by Brazil's top court and the man will be held until he is returned to Argentina, the police statement said.

    Officials in Argentina have charged a suspect with assault, theft, illegal intimidation and repeated disrespect to authorities between 2016 and last year, the statement added.

    Cabrera's former wife, Silva Rivadero, filed two charges against the golfer, Argentinian media reported earlier this month.

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    This most be a record for the oldest thread re opened... LoL :-)

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    MorganIRL wrote: »
    This most be a record for the oldest thread re opened... LoL :-)

    Someone would give out for not searching for previous threads on Angel if it was dug up :D:D

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    Won me a nice chunk of change when I picked up as a wildcard in a masters sweep the year he won it