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Quittin in the mornin - could do with some encouragement!

  • 01-06-2007 5:10pm
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    Well the headline says it all. I'm goin for it in the mornin... I've been smoking seventeen years, the only serious gap was a month long, that was over a year ago now. It was the few pints syndrome that sent me back on them, needless to say...

    I'm just so nervous. I've no intention of using NRT, not worth a ****e in my experience. I'd really appreciate any words of encouragement or advice, especially experience based. I'm rattlin with the nerves here, and that's before I put out my last cigarette!:eek: Thanks people.


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    Hey, good luck! Have you tried Allan Carr's books/clinics? They've worked for a few people I know, and I'm trying it myself! I quit for all of January then caved when I started working in a shop and had to stand beside the machine all day. But I quit five minutes far, so good...

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    hey guys
    i'm just checking in since the last time i looked in here - 2 years ago
    some of the things that helped me -
    prepare your mind - think of yourself as a non-smoker
    drink lots and lots and lots of water
    deep breathing for 10/15 seconds any time a craving sneaks up on you!
    try and remove yourself from places and times that you used to relax with a smoke - e.g. after dinner with a coffee
    try for distractions where idleness might lead to temptations
    try not to substitute this habit for another

    this is doable, remember that!
    i'm surprised that it's 4 years since i became a non-smoker. The jingley nerves and the emotional swings will recede very fast, be on your guard after a few weeks - it's the long haul that for some can be difficult, after about 2/3 months things should level out and you'll find it much much easier.
    even now maybe once every three/four months i get a slight momentary craving a deep breath and it's gone :)
    but always be on your guard - this is an addiction and can sneak up on ya!!
    but an addiction you can beat.
    congratulations on taking your first steps and good luck on doing this

    report in as the need arises

    cya in 2 years time ;)

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    Good luck with it seahorse. I'm of them for 9 years and 10 months but i wouldn't have done it without Nicorette chewing gum.

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    Hi seahorse
    wishing you the very best of luck with it. give you a couple of little tricks which helped me. decided at christmas 06 thats that not smoking anymore and guess what still off them and dont even think about them anymore.
    firstly DO YOU NEED CIGS? Did you need them when you where little? What has changed? Pick a person similar age who does not smoke or ever did? put both you in similar stressfull situation. Who gets the most stressed or has situation dealt with quicker. IT TAKES ONLY 3/5 Days for the nicotine to leave your system (once you have stopped) why after this time should it bother you? I Personally believed in 3 days made it a little easier for me. MOST IMPORTANTLY WHAT ARE YOU GIVING UP? being smelly anti social etc etc i could go on but you know all this youself you just need to BELIEVE .

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    Best of luck, how are you getting on?

    I had one fag left Monday night after a long weekend of booze, fags and food and I said, feic this for a lark. So I didn't buy any more. So it's Friday, I can honestly say i haven't wanted a fag once, the only thing is i'm getting headaches, fuzzy head and LOTS of tension in my head and neck. Also my sleep has changed for the worse. Having a drink later so hopefully I'll be alright!

    Also can I say although i've spent alot over the years on nrt patches mainly, i think cold turkey is the best, it's like the ripping the plaster off analogy, quick and clean! I also spent my longest ever off the fags with Allen Carr, 9 months, so it's really worth trying that book. i would've been alright only i had a really stressful time and had a fag, didn't really want it anyway, sorry that i did.

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    I quit on Nov 22nd 2002. I had smoked for years and loved it but realised that it just wasn't good for me anymore.

    I did it on my own and the best advice I can give you is to take one minute at a time and work on accepting that you won't smoke at major social occasions you would have associated smoking with. For example I used to feel so sad at the though I wouldn't be smoking at my wedding or my christmas parties etc. This is really tough and possibly the hardest part
    about quitting.

    To this day I buy myself a small present, for example a cd, dvd etc on the 22nd of each month. I am still and will always be addicted to smoking but it's better for me that I dont smoke.