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The Ultimate Fry

  • 24-05-2007 1:29pm
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    Unfortunately due to location I miss out on these glorious meals :(

    There have already been a few threads here on the good ol' fry and some arguments put forward as what are the best ingredients. So I was thinking if we could get a list of what people think are their personal ultimate ingredients, i.e. best sausage, best rasher, best bread for toast, best pudding, beans and so on and list them here then I will decide on a worthy winner for each based on popular taste.

    So, why go to all this trouble when there is already a thread below? Well basically I want to have the mother of all fry ups next time I'm back in Ireland and that thread is hard to read in terms of getting peoples favourties out of :D

    I would assume that the white mushrooms (don't know the name of the breed) and tomatoes are fairly standard all round but if you wish make a suggestion then please do so!

    So post your favourites, just one suggestion
    1. Cooking oil
    2. Sausage
    3. Rasher
    4. Black Pudding
    5. White Pudding
    6. Eggs
    7. Beans
    8. Potatoes/boxty/waffles/potato bread
    9. Toast
    10. Tea/Coffee
    11. Whatever else I might have left out

    Oh, and no comments or arguments please regarding other peoples choice, just list what you personally like.


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    taken from

    The Hickey Weekly

    My Day at the Table
    A good breakfast is vital, tis like drinkin’ brandy before you go on the batter. As they say, if you light the fire well you can burn anythin’ in it.
    A dacent breakfast should start as soon as you get up. The boiled egg smothered in butter is your only man. Follow this with a bowl of porridge buried in sugar and wash it down with a pot of strong tea. Then you’re ready for the full Irish.
    A real Irish breakfast should be fried in a pan, in lard or butter. Make sure tisn’t grilled: the grill is a posh word for an incinerator: many a juicy sausage is turned into a dried stump by a red hot grill.
    Any respectable fry will have the followin’:
    4 Rashers (at least)
    6 Sausages
    2 Eggs
    5 Slices of Black Puddin’
    5 Slices of White Puddin’
    A fistful of mushrooms
    2 potato cakes
    Half a sliced pan buttered and toasted
    Optional extras include chips and tomatoes.
    This of course would be described as kamikaze fare by your average food writer but to your average Irishman and woman, ‘tis heaven on a plate.
    Now for the dinner: the dinner is meant to be eaten in the middle of the day and should consist of as many courses as you can fit in.
    Start with soup, anythin’ out of a packet is fine as long as it is as thick as a bull’s neck and accompanied by any amount of buttered rolls.
    After this the spud is essential, preferably with bacon and cabbage. Now the spuds should be balls of flour the size of a sliothar and smothered in butter. There should be no limit to the amount of spuds eaten. I suppose when the pile of skins is high enough to defy the law of gravity it’s a good indication that you might have enough.
    The bacon should be cut in long thick slices with plenty of fat. There is nothin’ in the world tastier than fatty bacon accompanied by cabbage cooked within an inch of its life and mashed with lashins of butter.
    Dessert has to be bread and butter puddin’ with custard followed by a pot of tea and four or five slices of buttered spotted dick.
    Now that’s a dinner.
    The supper is always a bit of conundrum. Tis fierce hard to put a good supper together. I find the best thing is a few rasher sandwiches with plenty of brown sauce washed down with a few mugs of tea and a feed of madeira cake. That should see you right till you go for the few pints and of course when you get home the hungry grass hits again. It’s then the toasted cheese sandwich comes into its own along with a few bags of taytos and a bar or two of chocolate.
    Let me tell you, there are people up and down the country who will be delighted to read this. I have championed the plastic bag, I’m workin’ on the smoking ban and my new cause is the salvation of dacent Irish grub. It’s time for the food police to get worried.

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    The best fry is the one you don't have to cook.

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    The best fry is the one you don't have to cook.