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Looking for advice from people into computers and society

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    Interesting thing came up at work today. I am involved with a college in Ireland who are currently designing a course involving core elements of computing and sociology or rather combining the two in an attempt to study technology in society. We think we have designed an exciting course but we are unsure what to call it. We want to peak students interests but we don't want to misrepresent course content. Perhaps the easiest way is to give you ten sample provisional modules picked at random from the four year course and the titles that are currently being considered. What do you think? Any help on this would be super. Sooner the better as time is running out. Thanks. Ailbhe

    Sample provisional modules:
    1. Introduction to Sociology
    2. Imperative Programming
    3. Investigating Social Reality
    4. Communications
    5. Practical Web Technologies
    6. Systems Analysis & Design
    7. Human Computer Interaction
    8. Technology, Social Innovation and Gender
    9. Intelligent Systems
    10. Information Society

    Possible Course Titles
    • Social Informatics
    • Technology, Innovation and Social Change
    • E-Society
    • Social Computer Technology
    • Computing and the Information Society
    • Computing in Society
    • Society and Information
    • Cybersociology

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