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Going bowling tonight!

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    Okay, so I'm going bowling tonight. I'm going with the gf and her workmates so I'll let you know how I got on.

    I imagine that the score will be pretty embarrassing as I'll be using a house ball, haven't bowled consistently in a while and there may be some alcohol involved ;)

    Here's hoping I get at least a 130 score from all of that, to be honest, I'd be happy with that at this stage...


  • Good luck, by the time you have finished your bowling hand will be killing you, mine does when using a house ball, have to grip ip much more tightly or else it drops..

  • Quick update, I got 130 in the first game and 135 in the second! That was all done under crappy UV lighting so I'm even happier.

    Now had I been completely sober, using my own equipment and had proper lighting I'd like to think that score would have been a lot better. Still, I'm happy with that score all things considered.

    Seemed like the back ends had actually been cleaned too as there was good hook even with a house ball!!! :D

  • Okay, so I played 2 games in my local alley yesterday (Bury Bowl). First time to actually bowl there as I normally bowl in Cambridge. I went by myself purely as an investigative mission and used house balls for each game:D

    First game I managed a 130 and was happy enough as I used the game to test the lanes for oil, clean back ends and generally solidify my approach position.

    Second game I got 187 and was chuffed...especially when using the (really) crappy house balls they have there! It also would have been more except that the pin camera calibration must be off slightly because I got a strike in the first frame yet it registered only a 9-pin drop, meaning I had to bowl a ball down an empty lane to register a spare :)

    Overall I was quite happy with that...I also put my name in for a local league starting in mid-June!

  • r3nu4l
    Im often working in Sudbury, what bowling alleys are around there, be good to get some practice in while im away...

  • Hi Glen, try this place. I haven't been there so can't comment although I thnk they do run leagues.

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  • Cheers, thats right near to our Sudbury plant, will go next time I'm across.

  • Okay, I'm going bowling tomorrow night, using a house ball again on synthetic lanes rather than wood, so I'll let you know how I get on...

  • Fogot to update the thread...

    So I got 150 in the first game and 160 in the second
    Synthetic lanes
    Regular oil pattern
    House ball

    So over 6 games that gives me an average pincount of 149 using house balls each time :)

    I'll be purchasing a new ball in August and plan on getting back to a league then so I'll start a league thread then. Hopefully I'll see the scores rocket :D

  • So tonight I played 2 games and managed a 131 and a 139. Happy enough as I spent 2 frames in each game just testing the lanes.