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Charter : Rules and Guidelines

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    Until I have time to write a full charter anyone who is interested can see here, for the forum request:

    The basic idea is that we have 2 main areas covered on the forum. This can
    be organic and the forum will be allowed to grow in the direction of posting
    within reason

    1) Inventions/Creations

    These are any ideas that people want to talk about or things they
    are working on.

    Please note that this excludes anything overtly dangerous or of questionable legality. Specifically discussion on the likes of how to hack your cable or satellite box will not be welcome.

    2) Lifehacks
    Classic 'lifehacking' ideas inspired from GTD or from anywhere are welcome. Viz top tips if you will, but of a more useful variety. Initially a little bit of
    humour in tips may be allowed but please don't overdo it.

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