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GPS Charter & FAQs (Read before entry)

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    * No personal attacks on other members
    * If posting images, remember those who still have to endure dial-up.
    *Keep posts On Topic... if you wish to bring up a new point, start a new thread.
    *Please be polite, and courteous when posting new threads and replying to existing threads.
    * No txt spk - show some respect to others reading your posts
    * Flame wars will not be tolerated
    * No Trolling
    * KEEP IT CLEAN. NO links to Porn, etc.
    * No advertising - if you have something to sell then use, not here! Items put up for sale will result in the advert being removed and the user getting banned.
    * This is a public forum used by people with no idea what they are talking about. Don't assume the advice given is (allways)correct.
    * rules apply also.
    * Posts by members that make reference to illegal (warez) sites are forbidden.
    Such sites will not be promoted, advertised or tolerated at and members making such posts run the risk of being banned from here permanently.
    *Likewise no discussion or information on illegal versions of maps or any other copyrighted data.
    * No surveys or market research without prior permission from a moderator. Don't post you survey first & then ask for permission after the thread has been locked.

    Contact details
    It is not allowed to post Private or mobile phone numbers.
    It is not allowed to post emails
    Any of the above will be snipped from posts
    If you wish to post your own details you must get prior permission from a moderator.

    If you have a problem with any post on this forum use the report post button.
    (Its the red triangle) .If there is any issue with a moderators actions discuss it with the moderator via PM . Do not derail threads arguing.
    Still unhappy?
    Please see our dispute resolution procedure.
    These procedures are there for everyones benefit. Please follow them.

    Finally be nice to each other & everyone will gain something from this forum.

    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.