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State Benefits Charter UPDATED 31/01/2013 - Read Before Posting

  • 25-03-2007 11:21pm
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    The State Benefits forum is for the discussion of Benefits available within the Republic of Ireland from the Irish Government and it's agencies.

    Before you post in this forum here are a few simple rules that must be adhered to in order to ensure that each person feels at home here:

    1. Absoultely NO personal details are to be included in posts. Your privacy and identity are of the upmost importance. Under NO circumstances should you disclose your PPS Number/Social Security number to anyone here.

    2. Keep posts on topic - drifting off topic will not be tolerated. If your particular query is not included in an existing post please feel free to create one of your own.

    3. Please be tactful when replying to posts, remember that people are here to seek advice and may be in a very difficult personal situation. Any advice given should be mature, constructive and non-abusive. Excessive sarkiness & bullying will not be tolerated

    4. Text language is an absolute no no.

    5. This is not a forum for critiscizing Government Departments or Semi-State Bodies.

    5a - 5 includes the policies of the Government Departments of Semi-State Bodies

    6 - There is Zero Tolerance for posters being critical of those on benefits either individual posters or benefit claimants as a group.

    7 - Do not advocate, hint at, mention, talk about or otherwise mention any method of defrauding the Welfare or Health Board.

    And finally, welcome to the State Benefits Forum and enjoy your stay!

    Cheers and Be Groovy!
    Mrs. MacGyver.


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    Of bans/infractions and problems:

    Breach of Charter = Infraction.
    Breach of 6 = Ban for two weeks plus Infraction.
    Breach of 7 = automatic ban for ever with no warning and Infraction

    If you feel a post is in breach of the charter, is abusive, or if you have an issue with the post which you think should be brought to the attention of the moderators -use the report post button. You can also PM me at the same time if you like

    If you feel that your infraction/ban is unjust please go to HELP DESK where a higher authority will consider what you are saying and will review the situation.

    Thats about it


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    It is possible to post unregistered or anon on this forum.

    You have to log out of the site and then either start a new thread while logged out or click on the reply to a thread.

    It is a good idea to take alter the username from unregistered to something else esp as there could be a few people in the thread posting this way and it can get confusing.

    Please remember all unregistered or anon threads and post have to be manually approved by the forum moderators so it may take some time for them to appear. Any unregistered threads or posts which breach the charter of the forum will not be approved.

  • Registered Users Posts: 7,920 ✭✭✭cee_jay

    Threads are not typically deleted on request here.
    Other users might have taken the time to respond to you, and the thread might be of use to other people with a similar issue. So even if you're posting anonymously, be careful not to post any information that might identify you.

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