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How much to bring to NYC

  • 17-03-2007 2:09am
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    Off to NYC in May, for 5 days. Hotels and shows are paied for. But how much cash should i bring with me. Thinkin E 1000. Also I dont want to be carrying that much cash on me. Whats the best way to bring it.


  • Closed Accounts Posts: 1,587 ✭✭✭hshortt

    Cash and card, you'll need and use both. Cash is handy for meals, taxis, and small items. Watch the money closely, the notes are the same size.

    The wife and i love NYC, been a few years in a row now (6) January is best for us, but anytime in this city is fantastic.

    Don't forget all your visitor discounts -
    Macy's - visitors centre for 11% additional discount.
    Bloomingdales - visitors centre, spend 100 dollars and get a gift.

    Tons of other too, damn it just typing it makes me want to all over again, going back in Jan next year too.

    Have a great time.

  • Registered Users Posts: 195 ✭✭caffrey

    obviously travelers cheques are an idea worth thinking about but if you have an AIB account their atm cards can be used almost everywhere there. also an idea, if you have a credit card put the money on that as extra payment so that your card is in credit and just take money from that, visa and mastercard are usable in nearly every atm in the world. if you are worried about getting charged loads just take out ~200 each time, that means you wont get charged much and you wont have to go back to the atm every few hours.

    As regards to the amount of money needed it depends. If you are asking this question it would seem it is your first time to new york so you will spend a lot of time at sites that wont cost that much: central park, statue of liberty, empire state, ground zero etc, these arent that expensive or they are free. If you are going to shop in designer places then bring a lot of money.

    watch out for being riped off. there are plenty of places in new york that have good deals on beer, happy hours etc(planet hollywood on times square does deals everynight till 11), i mean the watch out cos there are many places that seem like ordinary places and they charge $8 for a beer!!

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    I never had trouble in NYC. but if you hand over a note, say "heres a fifty" this can be used to stop taxis saying you gave them a 20 dollar note. It has happened. Dont bother with travellers cheques, cards are fine and accepted everywhere, however fraud is a problem so keep your receipts. My neighbour used her card twice in NY and the day after she flew back to Dublin, her card was used for four grand in New York! In this case, she could prove she was back home so it was a loss for the card company.

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    Will a grand cover me for the five days, or should i look at taking more.

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 6,939 ✭✭✭mikedragon32

    What do you plan to do there, OP? A grand is fine if you plan to do the basics by way of sightseeing and don't plan on doing a lot of shopping.

    Last time there, my wife and I spent approx $2,500 over 5 days, but we did a hell of a lot of shopping and did lots of expensive activities too.

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    TOO right about the shopping. If you are going to shop, then you need plenty of cash AND an empty suitcase. On one trip to NY the check in girl said is that case empty? I confirmed it was and she laughed. Going shopping?!! She was going over herself two weeks later.

    You may plan not to shop, but when you get there it is a different matter. When faced with timberland runners in century 21 dept store that are 50 dollars and they are in dundrum for 150 euro or so, it is hard to say no. Wrangler jeans for 15 dollars - you read right - 15 dollars, you soon change your mind. I blew 2500 euro in 5 days with the wife. I brought back so much stuff, even with the empty suitcase, I had to buy another one. You may think I am full of it, but you will see when you get there. I am currently looking at my new Panasonic digital camera I bought in B and H photo with an extra battery, new camera case, one gig sd card and an optional 5 year WORLDWIDE warranty for 50 euro less than the camera centre in the square Tallaght charges for the camera on its own. It is in the window for all to see !!

    If you have any questions feel free to PM me.

  • Registered Users Posts: 826 ✭✭✭vibrant

    Is it 1000 to last 2 people 5 days?

    Public Transport is dirt cheap - just get a 5 Day Metrocard, you'll be singing.

    Meals can be surprisingly expensive - a sandwich/coffee could set you back the guts of $20 if you're not careful! Generally the chain restaurants give best bang for your buck.

    The discount stores/drugstores/department stores are like playgrounds... very easy to spend a fortune there!

    I wouldn't be thrilled at the thought of walking around with a grand... if I'm carrying a load of cash I generally shove it bra (shut up!). This may not be an option to you ;) You'll be fine to leave a bundle in the safe in your hotel room every day.

    Do not even THINK about buying, let alone wearing one of those bumbag/moneyholder things... you may as well walk around with a giant red arrow flashing at your head.

    I'd say to budget €50/day for your taxi's, quick coffees etc and throw everything else on your card.

    Finally, is handy for looking up any last minute designer sample size sales and good bars etc.

    Have fun.