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Learning to Drive charter - **READ BEFORE POSTING** (updated 1/6/11)

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    Learning to Drive Forum Charter

    Below are the posting rules for the Learning to Drive forum. It will be presumed that anyone posting in the forum has read and agreed to them. These rules will change, so review them frequently!

    * Before you start a new thread in the forum, read the FAQ and research your question. Many questions about theory tests, learner permits, driving tests, Rules of the Road, etc., have been asked and answered many times before.

    * Keep replies on-topic.

    * Do not POST IN ALL CAPS or write in txt spk. Show some respect for those who are reading your posts!

    * Do not resurrect old threads without good reason.

    * If you make a controversial or questionable statement, provide evidence to back up what you are saying.

    * Personal attacks, name-calling, abusive or offensive language, trolling, and flame wars are not tolerated in this forum. If you disagree with another poster, express your point of view in a civil, constructive manner.

    * If someone insults or abuses you, do not retaliate in kind. Report the post(s), and let the forum moderators deal with the problem. "S/he started it!" does not justify uncivil or disruptive behaviour. You will be held responsible for what you post.

    * Do not make degrading comments about posters who have failed a test.

    * Do not refer to driving testers or members of the Gardaí in an offensive or abusive manner.

    * Do not make disparaging comments about drivers who have held successive provisional licences and/or learner permits. If you have a problem with the issuing of multiple provisional licences and/or learner permits, attack the system instead.

    * Do not make sneering comments about drivers who obtained their full licences before 1964 or who availed of the 1979 amnesty. You are free to constructively criticise the system that allowed this, but not to disparage the drivers who availed of it.

    * Do not make disparaging or defamatory comments about identified or identifiable driving instructors or schools.

    * When recommending a driving school/instructor to another poster, use the PM function only. Do not post instructors' names, phone numbers, URLs, or other contact details on-thread. Driving instructors are not permitted to advertise their own services by sending PMs. Abuse of the system will result in a ban.

    * Do not advocate illegal activities or encourage others to act illegally.

    * Do not request or provide information (including links to torrents or file-sharing sites) to facilitate the illegal downloading of any copyrighted material.

    * Do not advertise on this forum. If you have something to sell, use Adverts.ie. If you advertise here, your ad will be removed, and you will be banned.

    * Anyone who abuses this forum by spamming or shilling will receive a permanent site-wide ban.

    * This is a public forum used by many people with no idea what they are talking about. Do not assume that advice or information given here is sound or accurate. Boards.ie is in no way liable for the consequences of any actions you might take as a result of reading this forum or interacting with anyone through this site.

    * All other Boards.ie rules apply.

    Forum Moderating:

    * This is a moderated forum. Moderators may issue warnings, infractions, or bans, and may edit or delete posts. Off-topic threads will be moved or locked.

    * If you believe that a post breaks the forum or site rules, use the Report Post function (the red triangular symbol in the bottom left-hand corner) to bring it to the moderators' attention. Do not engage in backseat moderating or attempt to take matters into your own hands.

    * Do not question or dispute a moderator's decision on-thread. If you think that a moderator has acted unfairly or unreasonably, you should send him or her a PM outlining your complaint. If dealing with the moderator directly does not resolve the issue, you should raise it in the Dispute Resolution forum, where a Category Moderator will review it.

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