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Caroline Lukens 05-06

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    Yes I know I have another account and I've posted on this thread before. Nobody saw that.

    Seeing as I've not made an introduction thread before, I figured I would. Although nobody posts here anymore, so there's not much of a point.

    Anyways, I'm 15, I live in America, and apparently I've been remembered for announcing very loudly that I'm from Connecticut and it's a blue state (I'm looking at you, Daithi) and also for wearing big headphones throughout CTYI '05 (until Eamonn broke them, the bastard). I've also been remembered for sitting around and drawing instead of socialising. Such is the way things go.

    My courses thusfar have been computers apps in '05 and then game theory in '06, and I'll be doing philosophy in '07. I did CTYLan in '04 and I could do CTYI again in '08 but it's too expensive and not really worth it.

    Anyways, you all can slag me now for being American.