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  • 09-02-2007 1:21pm
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    I see from the 'What helped you quit?' thread that a few people here have used hypnosis. My housemate really wants to quit this year (she was going to quit with me last year but only lasted a few days). She's worried about putting on weight, so has decided to try hypnosis this time. She's been gathering some information on it but I'm just wondering if anyone here could post a bit about their own experience and how successful it's been and recommend somewhere to go in Dublin?



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    I took the route of Hypnosis about 16 months ago. It helped me go from 30 a day to nothing instantly, and with the minimum of pangs as well.

    When I went into the place, the first thing they get you to is to re-inforce the belief in yourself that you are able to do anything that is suggested to you. To do this, the dude got me to bend my arms and waist in a way that I never thought possible, by simply suggesting to me that I was able to do it. To be honest, having never been one to believe in hypnostism to begin with, I was really sceptical, but I couldnt argue with what I saw, or with the direction my face was pointing in comparison to my feet!

    After this, I was ready to start the therapy. The guy basically played the CD (which you take away with you and listen to every day) and taught you how to relax and to take in what you are listening to. Again, I wasnt hypnotised in the "do as you will, I am your slave" kind of way. I was relaxed, but fully aware of everything, just chilling out and listening to the CD.
    The CD plants things in your mind regarding smoking, and I still feel them coming to the fore today if I ever get the urge to smoke. You can listen to the CD while going asleep which is doubly good because it means you're still taking in the info, and it also helps you wind down with some great breathing and relaxing techniques.
    On the way out, the guy told me how important it was to crumple up my ciggies that I had left and bin them. Apparently, this reinforces your belief that you will never smoke again. We all know how hard is it for a smoker to bin a fresh 20 pack (I bought 20 on the way to the clinic, and only smoked four before I got there), but I did bin them, and felt a huge relief.
    There were some mild pangs, but nowhere near as bad as I expected. I had previously tried patches, gum, cold turkey, but never lasted any significant lenght of time. Now I'm a year and a half off them, never been happier and can breathe like never before (I smoked since I was 13). Its been so succesful for me that now I allow people to smoke in my car and my room, I still join smokers on their smoke breaks (its nice to get outside anyway) and people can blow smoke in my face wihtout me getting any urge to light up at all.

    I do highly recommend this way of going, and PM me if you'd like the name of the clinic I used.

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    Thanks for a great description Archeron.

    My friend been a bit apprehensive about it because I think she's nervous about 'loss of control' through hynoptism, but the way you've described it doesn't sound scary at all (although the bending thing sounds interesting!) and the fact it's been so successful is more positive reinforcement I can give her.

    I'm glad you mentioned that you had a few pangs as well because I think it's very important to know what to expect. I've heard (admittedly mainly in advertising campaigns) people say they never experienced cravings again after hynopsis, and I'd worry that this could be a bit misleading and she'd think it had been a waste of time and money.

    Hopefully she'll decide to go for it because she does seem ready this time.


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    hi there
    I did use hynosis/ hypnotherapy with my current attempt. 2 sessions. 1 explanatory/ consultation where she got the deep down nitty gritty reasons my previous attempts failed and introduced some concepts and techniques of distracting me from cravings.

    THe second session was the hypnosis part. I was always fully conscious and aware (Hypnotherapist told me that the idea that you are hypnotised into a trance is complete codswabble and actually impossible), just in a deeply relaxed state where I was able to focus exclusively on the topic in hand. My interpretation was that she planted some mantras in my thinking which I was very aware of in the first few days- like when I got a craving, I would think "I dont need one, I have quit" as opposed to my usual obsessional-oppositional cravings when I give up!!! I still think i went through the physical withdrawals though but not quite as bad and there were-are times I had to truly battle with my psychological cravings. Strangely, I never want to smoke- I just jostle with a feeling of stress mirroring a nicotine craving or a hunger/ thirst pang...

    I would recommend it but she also has to be really open to the fact that it will help her and she must be prepared to grit her teeth for the first week!!!

    You must have good advice to give her, surely!!! :D:D

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    One thing I meant to mention is that it is suggested to you to follow breathing and thought processes when you do get an urge to smoke. At first, I was really sceptical, and the thought of breathing exercises in the office made me laugh. However, my really weak time for smoking was after lunch on my work break. For the first couple of weeks, I avoided this scenario by not going out to the smoking area, or going for a walk. When I got a strong urge, I just thought deeply and breathed deeply, and it passed quickly every time.

    Sitting there breathing deep with your eyes shut, you do feel like a reject from the Karate Kid, but I think it is definitely a very important part of trying to quit like this.

    And thumbs up for the smoking ban too. :)
    Good luck.

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    Can anyone recommend anywhere which does the hypnosis in Dublin City Centre?

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    Mr. Sudz went for hypnotherapy 2 days ago. Then promptly went off for pints and fags that night!

    He stayed off them all yesterday, was like an anti-christ and then was smoking again last night.

    Sorry can't be more positive about it but I think the real thing to get you off the fags is to want to stop smoking and make a positive decision about it.

    I read the Allan Carr book about 4 years ago, read it a second time, stopped smoking and haven't smoked since. It's the mental thing that you have to get right which hypnotherapy can do, I think.

    Just not in Mr.Sudz's case tho! :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: