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GPS Retailers - Please Read.

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    While we welcome interaction from retailers in general, boards users will not tolerate a retailer who comes on solely to promote themselevs, their store or a particular product range.

    However it is fair to say that in some case you may not be aware of this and as a result you could lose your posting priviliges in the forum and the forum may lose any expertiese and insight you can offer.

    By way of experiment in this smaller forum, I would like to indentify any resellers by way of a custom Tag or Signiture so you can be identified easily as someone who has a vested interest in GPS/Sat Nav, which should benefit both you and the forum users.

    Blatent sales pitchs will not be allowed, but your good advice and answering queries will help make the forums a useful resource for all.

    So If you are a retailer or have a vested interest in GPS/Sat Nav, please contact me before posting.