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Chinese New Year

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    Closed Accounts Posts: 3 julia961


    Does anybody know if there's a special event for the Chinese New Year? Or is there a party somewhere?


  • I was just about to ask the same question.

    The Dublin corp website from last year is blank

    but I have heard from sources that there is some kind of "show" on Monday 12th and the annual Chinatown fair on in Smithfield from Friday the 16th.

    Anyone else got any definate information ?

  • There was a show in the National Concert Hall last night - not sure how people got tickets, as it was not mentioned on the National Concert Hall website, but there were loads of people there anyway.
    Have been searching for info on some sort of event in Smithfield, but nothing so far.... Don't think there was anything last year? (Two years ago it was at the National Museum and three years ago in Smithfield)


  • I managed to get a ticket from a friend who appeared in the show. It was the "Chinese New Year Gala Evening 2007" run by the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Ireland with introduction by the Ambassador. It was on for about two hours.

    There was an item in the Irish Independent Fri, Feb 9th:
    There will be a "...Chinatown Market in Smithfield, which hosts its own celebrations this year. They promise to pull out all the stops, with festivities including a Chinese lion dance and martial arts demonstrations.

    Katherine Chan Mullen, co-founder of the market, said New Year was the most important date on the Chinese calender.

    "This is a very important day in the Chinese community and we are delighted to be able to share our culture with all of Ireland," she added.

    Open seven days a week, the market has more than 20 stalls showcasing a range of Chinese art, furniture and toys. "

  • Do you remember seeing the two girls fighting with straight swords? I was one of them ;-)

    Looking forward to the market in Smithfield!!


  • Cool, so smithfield then on Sunday? I'll definitely go, can't wait.

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  • i remember i went to this either last year or the year before and it was a big let down. It just consisted of companies selling stuff for the chinese community or stalls selling chinese things...let us know how it was this year.
    anyway xinnian kuai le!

  • I believe there are a lot of different ways of saying it but: 农历新年:)

    Happy new year, hope you guys aren't feeling too homesick, most of my classmates are missing their families a lot today!

  • Well happy new year 4704 everyone! My god it doesn't seems too long ago the last time I said it here on boards.

  • julia961 wrote: »

    Does anybody know if there's a special event for the Chinese New Year? Or is there a party somewhere?

    A show with top artists from China will be on 5th Feb 2008 (Tue)
    at 7:00pm and booking through

  • there is a chinese new year event on the smithfeild plaza feom 12 noon on sat 16 to monday eve shocaseing all sorts lion dance to all sorts of demonstrations cookery etc etc also market stalls and local foods etc etc dte event managment in cunjunction with dublin city council are doinf the event

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  • Happy New Year Everyone!!! :)

  • 新年好 :)

  • I'm going to a Chinese New Year party tonight.
    Is there anything I can give the host party, as a gift?... something that means something relevant?

  • Happy Year of the Tiger everybody :D

    Apparently its not considered a lucky year to get married or to have kids!

    Feisty Year-of-Tiger babies feared
    A Taiwanese official has urged citizens to procreate amid fears the Year of the Tiger may bring reduced reproduction on the island, which already has one of the world's lowest birth rates.

    Births have previously dropped during the Year of the Tiger as some Chinese people believe Tiger babies could be vicious and bring harm to relatives.

    Education ministry official Yang Chang-yu challenged the belief that it is inauspicious to have babies in Tiger years, and noted many successful people are Tigers.

    "Not delivering Tiger babies is but a myth and children of any zodiac animals could achieve success," the minister was quoted as saying by the China Times newspaper.

    People born in the Year of the Tiger include President Ma Ying-jeou, born in 1950, and Vice President Vincent Siew, born in 1938.

    Government statistics show births totalled 271,450 in the last Year of the Tiger in 1998. In contrast, the Year of the Dragon two years later - a year deemed most auspicious among all zodiac animals - saw 305,312 babies born.

  • Happy Year of The Snake (A few days late I know) everyone from Gong'An!
    I hope all Chinese and non Chinese alike had a wonderful new year time. My ears still ring from the firecrackers a few nights ago in my wife's home town :D