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Winter Sports Forum Charter - Please Read

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    Some general rules about posting in the "Winter Sports" forum.

    This forum is for:
    1. Discussing wintersports in general. This includes skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, Winter Olympics, bobsled and so on and so forth.
    2. Discussing wintersports destinations with all the associated good and bad points.
    3. Discussing equipment, techniques etc.
    4. Offering wintersports equipment for sale. These posts must be clear about what is being sold, the condition and price.

    This forum is not for:
    1. Posting off topic. These threads will be deleted, and a ban may be handed out at the mods discretion.
    2. Outbursts of personal abuse/racism/hissy fits/sarcastic jibes/newbie bashing etc. will not be tolerated. These posts will be deleted, and for most of these offences a ban will follow at the mods discretion.
    3. Pimping sites or spamming. This is usually something that displeases the powerful types. Do this at your peril.

    If a post offends you or you think it is inappropriate to this forum please use the report post function. Do not get involved in slagging matches on the thread as this may get you in trouble too.

    I have 'borrowed' from other forums as well as added my own touches for the charter. I'm sure we'll all get along fine together.

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