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Moving to Carlow

  • 18-01-2007 1:19am
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    Hi there, myself, husband and young son are going to be moving to Carlow this spring from Boston. I am originally from Dublin and my mam moved to Carlow a few years ago and I just love it, and besides, we couldn't afford to live in Dublin even if we wanted to (we dont!!). Have some questions as my mam is not overly familiar with the area. Where are areas we should avoid when looking for a house? Can you recommend any good playgroups (my son is 18 months old). What are the the primary schools like there (teacher to student ratio etc)? Are there any multi/non-denominational schools? I've only ever been in the town, so really dont know anywhere outside of there. Any good recommendations? Need to be withing walking distance to amenities though, as my mam will be living with us and she doesnt drive.

    This may sound like a silly question as I know a lot of foreign people have moved there since I left 11 years ago, but do you think my husband will get on ok (he's American - but hates Bush!!!), or will have any problems getting a job? He works in IT and it seems like there are a lot of jobs, just nervous cause itsa big move. I'm very excited though to be home, and see all my old friends again, nothin' like the friends you grew up with!!:D :D


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    And welcome home is it carlow town because just out side carlow town is laughlinbridge (spelling lol) and it is heaven that is where i would buy if i had my way also look at borris very nice too

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    Carpenter wrote:
    And welcome home is it carlow town because just out side carlow town is laughlinbridge (spelling lol) and it is heaven that is where i would buy if i had my way also look at borris very nice too
    i would agree with capenter on her 2 choices of beauty but these 2 place are a little away from the town but i preety sure they have a daily bus service which pass them, lauglinbridge(again i am crap at spellin) is definitely past by the bus daily, as my friend lives out there i think its just the dublin waterford bus and you get off at the turn off to it, 10mins walk into the village, but if you would like to be closer to carlow town and the schools, i would recommend the pollerton area, especially my estate(beechwood park, i will tell ya) great place to grow up, my estate has 3 large green areas, where kids play football on a daily basis, very safe estate, its also impossible for cars to "zoom" around it. it could be one to look into. and close to us(10-15 walk) is basicly an educational area with 2 primary schools, 2 secondry schools and a 3 community centres for different issues(one deals with the eldery, one is basicly a creche/playschool, and the other is for general community use, iknow i had to do a reserch project on it last year for my leaving cert. and there is vary good mther and babie group there so you could get intergrated into the communnity faster) if you would like any more info just send me an email via the links just under my name there to the left

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    Hi there. In relation to your husband getting on in Carlow. I myself am American and moved to Meath a year ago with my husband (who is from Meath). We were in Chicago before. I think the best way to go about the move it to consider it a 'trial period' (just for his sake, there's nothing worse than feeling trapped in a place). It will likely take a year for him to settle, so maybe committ to two years at first and see how it goes. I know I have been ready to pack up and go back a good few times, but those times happened much more frequently at the beginning and now I only get discouraged about 2 times a month or so (believe me, much better than every other day!).

    The biggest things you BOTH will likely miss are the simple efficiencies that you take for granted over there. Plus, get ready to spend a lot more money here. HE WILL get frustrated with the cost of things and the lack of options, but don't get defensive. All the fights that my husband and I have had in the last year have been me getting homesick and moaning about Ireland and him getting defensive and then talking **** about the US to level the playing field. That won't get your anywhere!

    As far as the job market goes, he should be just fine. Most employers seem to interested in hiring Americans, at least many of the ones I encountered did. There are a lot of 'foreigners' around the place, but Americans seem to be in a category of their own and you will likely find that he gets better treatment than other non nationals. (sad but true)

    Anyhow. Good luck with the move! He might face some frustrations with the systems in Ireland, but the people and the sense of humour will make up for it!

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    Carpenter wrote:
    And welcome home is it carlow town because just out side carlow town is laughlinbridge (spelling lol) and it is heaven that is where i would buy if i had my way also look at borris very nice too

    Its spelt Leighlinbridge, and its where you will find the great wheres me jumpa! See here: (shameless plug 1)

    Carlow is a rapidly developing town. However a concern I have regularly expressed with the town, is that while the population grows the industry in the town seems to diminish.

    I am a recent IT graduate and finding IT work in the area is very tough. 95% of my applications have been to Dublin jobs. So your husband may need to commute.

    There are some excellent schools in the town and surrounding areas. There is lots for kids to do and becayse the town is very small geographically you are never too far away from any amenities.

    Traffic is a problem. Skangers exist. Drugs are readily available. These problems exist in all towns unfortunately.

    There are some areas in the town I would avoid like the plague, Id rather not state them as they are my opinion and Im sure others will disagree. PM if you want my list!

    From a social point of view check out: (shameless plug 2)

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    Hey There,

    I'm also a blow in to the Carlow area (I have been here now for almost 9 years now). The town is pretty good it has its' pros and cons but overall it has a lot to offer in the way of amenities. The town itself is small enough that all is within walking distance. There is a wide variety of sports and activities from GAA, rugby, rowing, martial arts, athletics, dance schools, gyms etc. The shops are within walking distance with all the major Irish supermarkets with stores in the town (Dunnes Stores, Superquinn, Tescos and Supervalue). You will find it a challenge here trying to cater for your cravings for particular 'american foods'.

    You will end up being very suprised regarding the cost of living over here compared to the US so be aware of that. I regularly order clothing and other bits and pieces online from the US. Even when you take into account the cost of postage it will still end up cheaper than ordering it here. I see from your other post that you are a Licenced Massage Therapist - any equipment you have in the line of massage tables/ chairs ship it over by slow boat/ container. The cost of that equipment here is not funny (it usually comes from the US via England and the sterling pound exchange rate is prohibitive)

    If your husband has to commute to Dublin there is a regular rail feed from the town here (it also stops in Bagnalstown - so that may be another option).

    The schools here in Carlow town are pretty good but I think that some of them may have a waiting list so putting your sons name down as soon as you come over here, if not beforehand, may be a good idea. They are like most schools here in Ireland the teacher student ratio can be less than optimal with one teacher to 28-32+ students. As far as I am aware there are no non-denominational primary schools here in Carlow, there a number or private non denomination school here in Ireland but they are the minority.

    I don't know about the playgroups, I haven't reached that stage yet.

    There are many different nationalities here in Carlow and they have integrated very well into the community at large. Like everywhere else there are narrow minded people who will pick on anything that may be different about a person and as much as I would like to reassure you that your husband will not be on the receiving end of any anti-american bullsh1t - there will always be idiots who suffer from a particularly appaling case of verbal diahorrea and vitrol.

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    A lot of what I was going to say has been accurately said already, but I can point you in the directon of a couple of sites which will hopefully be of use to you:
    County Carlow guide on Wikitravel (bit of a shameful plug but there's good stuff on there)

    County Carlow sports directory

    FÁS job search

    There's hundreds of sports clubs operating in Carlow, most of which the majority of people living here know nothing about. Luckily for me, through my line of work I get to meet the people behind these clubs - they're very approachable, so if you see something that interests you in the Sports Directory above, give them a call.

    Not sure how much use the Fás page will be, but hopefully you'll be able to get an idea of what's on offer with the Fás search. It's a bit awkward to use but once you get the hang of it, it's good enough. is great for accomodation - found this little number on it ( ) in Willow Park. You won't be going wrong in that estate.