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What expenses can a small business claim?

  • 03-01-2007 6:57pm
    Closed Accounts Posts: 40 ✭✭✭ AceHigh


    I was wondering are there any expenses we should be claiming. My brother and I have a small air conditioning company with a few employees. We are 3 years in operation and going quite well. However I feel we are not availing of all tax incentives (call them loopholes if you like).

    What day to day items can be claimed for?

    Also, are there any ways of reducing tax bills for ourselves or our employees.

    We are Vat & C2 registered.

    Many thanks,



  • Do the directors go through for mileage expenses.

  • No. We are both directors. Both of us have a company van ( commercial van ) We have spoken to several people about expenses but no one has been able to give us any good, easy to understand answers.

    One suggestion was to take the vans in our own names and get mileage from the company. Does this sound ok?