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Taking a drill and saw to my Lian Li V2000

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    In case anyone is wondering (unklerosco especially) I have started work on my new project.
    Posting the full log on Bit-Tech but I'll throw some random pics up here from time to time. are thumbnails to keep the thread short so please click for bigger.

    Case as delivered

    Pukka sleeving job by unklerosco...about to be stripped out :)

    Triple rad to go in...won't fit in the top so had to rethink...should just fit.

    Out come all the lovely drive bays :(

    I reckon it will go on its side with mesh side panels for airflow. You have to imagine that the roll of masking tape is the pump.

    Finally for now a traditional picture of the modder's pet :)

    More as it happens...or when PC Look deliver a few essentials :D