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The Rules (note as of 12/7/16 Cable and Digital charter now applies)

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    Welcome along to the foreign satellite forum on boards.

    What is this forum about?
    This forum was created early 2006 under the original name of 'EuroSat', to cater for the many people on boards that are satellite enthusiasts and have an interest on receiving channels from various other satellites and broadcasters from around the globe.
    The name was changed to 'Foreign Satellite' as even Sky is European.

    What are we NOT allowed to talk about here?
    To simplify things, you cannot talk about anything illegal, or anything that can get Ltd into trouble.
    This includes:
    • "Hacking" or "Patching" or illegally obtained decoders not for public pay TV use of any kind, to enable free reception of any encrypted or scrambled signal whatsoever.
    • Cloning of viewing cards.
    • Sharing of viewing cards.
    • Forum trading of any sort.
    • Illegal firmware downloads
    Apart from what is outlined above, the normal site wide rules apply as always here.
    • No use of foul language
    • No posting of any offensive material that is considered racist, abusive, homophobic, gore and sexist.
    • Anything else the Moderators take exception to.
    • Any web links to material explained in bullet no 2.
    The usual punishments will be used, and is of moderator discretion.

    The grey area!
    "Rights holders" may consider that receiving a pay or FTV (free to view) broadcast from any foreign country to which the broadcaster has no rights to broadcast to you is illegal. However their contract is with the Broadcaster.

    Under EU and Irish law such reception is regarded legitimate as long as the equipment and subscription is legitimate. In the EU it is regarded as theft to obtain encrypted or scrambled signals including TV/Radio without entitlement, i.e. Without payment of correct subscription.

    FTV broadcasts in EU can only be limited in Geographic sales. Not by nationality of purchaser, not eventual geographic location of equipment. Switzerland is not in the EU, they instead broadcast "FTV" over all Europe, but only to Swiss Nationals. You must be Swiss to watch Swiss FTV.

    Since is used and browsed by many people worldwide and not contained to the island of Ireland, all moderators will assume that the user who posts any question on reception of any channel has the right to watch it unless it is an encrypted channel unavailable to the public.

    FTA = Free To Air: Any unencrypted signal may be viewed by anyone.

    FTV = Free To View: Encrypted and viewing limited by card. There may be a once off charge or annual charge. Rules are different for EU and Non-EU countries.

    Who to contact!
    This forum is primarily moderated by:
    Sparky-s | Send PM
    Watty | Send PM
    Hagar | Send PM
    The decision of the Moderators is final.

    Reporting posts:
    If you see any material in breech of this charter and of general boards rules, please be sure to report any posts you may come across of this nature. Click on the triangle with ! in it.


  • As of today 12th July 2016 the normal Cable and Digital charter applies here and I will be moderating.

    The Rules (Updated) ...
    I draw your attention to the new sections in bold...


    DO Remember to post topics in the appropiate forum, so that other people interested in that topic can read them

    DO Post non-platform specific topics in the Broadcasting forum

    DO Post platform-specfic topics in the Terrestrial, Satellite, or Cable & MMDS & IPTV forums

    DO Keep generally on topic.

    You may link to external sites (including your own) only if the site is TV, radio, or high-speed internet related. The link should be relevant to the thread being discussed.


    DON'T Break the libel laws. Remember how strict they are in this country!

    DON'T Post the same topic in more than one forum.

    DON'T Post anything malicous, offensive, or threathening, particularly insults towards other users.

    DON'T Discuss hacking systems.
    For the avoidance of doubt: DON'T Discuss any methods that allow access to a pay-television service, other than taking out a legitimate, paid, subscription to the provider of that service.

    DON'T Discuss methods of accessing pay-TV systems, the content of which is not meant to be viewed in the Republic of Ireland or the United Kingdom.

    DON'T Discuss methods of breaking or circumventing regional restrictions on the viewing of catch up or live television services.

    DON'T Discuss methods of accessing illegal streams of conventional television services online.

    DON'T Post irrelevant replies

    DON'T Go extremly off-topic.

    DON'T Include banner advertisements in your signature.
    If you must include a graphic in your signature, make sure it is small.

    This is a family forum. DON'T post any material unsuitable to family viewing to it.

    DON'T advertise other sites or commercial activities. See the guidelines about linking to other sites.

    DON'T Post links to off-topic sites, including your own if it is not a TV/radio/media/high speed internet related site. You may not start threads solely to promote or link to other internet sites. You may not, in particular, advertise commercial sites.

    New! The moderator's decisions are final. The moderators are ICDG, bk, and marclt, the Tech category moderators and the administrators of also have moderator rights on these forums. DON'T start any thread, the purpose of which is to question a moderator decision. A moderator decision will not usually be taken without reason, and such reason will usually be posted. Any futher corspondance will be via the Private Messaging facility. Any member repeatedly refusing to comply with this section will be issued with a ban from the Cable & Digital TV forums, at this discretion of the moderator concerned.

    Anyone caught breaking these rules will have the relevant post deleted and for a serious or presistant breach, themselves permanently banned.

    In addition to these rules, the rules of also apply in the Cable & Digital TV Forums.

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