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Charter & A Note on Spoilers - Please Read

  • 02-10-2006 5:57pm
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    1. As far as this forum goes there has always been one Doctor Who series and therefore we are heading into the 29th season but there is nothing stopping anyone from comparing "Classic" or "Original" from the "New" episodes and evaluating them likewise.

    2. No spamming, thanks.

    3. Usual attack the post not the poster rule applies

    4. There is no problem with discussion of books, specials, spin-offs, merchandise IE this forum isnt just restricted to the TV series its everything.

    5. Please dont link downloaded esps or torrents from the web, such links will be deleted if they are on the forum, what you do in your Private Messages is up to you.

    6. Please dont try and sell your unwanted Doctor Who toys/merchandise here, there is for that, but please let us know that you have stuff for sale there I for one will certainly put in a bid.

    7. Be nice, dont forget Doctor Who is also looked at as a kids tv programme and that one of the spin-off shows is on cbbees on your SKY/Chorus/NTL so whilst you might be temped to lose your rag with what you think is a 33 year old may be a 14 year old just trying to find out about the good Doctor.

    8. If you know of shops or places that are selling old or second hand Doctor Who VHS or DVD's please let us know so long as i dont consider it spamming and as a genuine help to those who are looking to "catch up"

    9. Banning proceedure: If you are being rude, sexist, racist, monging, acting the maggot, attacking other posters, insulting other posters, going off topic or acting in any other way that I feel warrents it, I will PM you, also alert you in the thread in question that you have been PM'd. If you ignore my advice you will be suspended and if you persist you may get banned, believe me I dont want to ban people and it will be the last resort.

    10. Related to 9, please PM a Mod reporting offensive posts, thanks.

    Any other suggestions for this charter are welcome, just PM a Mod.

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    *yoinked from the TV forum*

    1. If a thread title has the word "Spoilers" in it, then it is OK to discuss the most recent episode (or older) without using [ spoiler ] tags.

    2. If you have news about a future episode (from spoilerfix, ausiello etc.), then most people don't want to know (no, really - they prefer to be surprised by major plot developments and twists).

    3. If you feel it should be posted anyway, please use [ spoiler ] tags (to give people the option of reading them or not). Also contextualise the spoiler by saying what it's about outside of the spoiler tag (Spoiler about Season Finale, Spoiler about Character Exit, etc.)

    4. Links to interviews, show news etc. are OK (people can decide on whether or not to click them).

    5. Posting Youtube clips of "next episode" promos is also OK.

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