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***Transforum Charter - Read before posting! ***

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    Any further suggestions/modifications can be pm’d a mod. Usual rules apply and in addition:

    1) Read the FAQ

    Read the FAQ before posting any questions. The FAQ contains solutions to queries that always come up on the forum, so it's worth checking out before asking anything... Any posts that ask for a solution to a problem that is within the FAQ will be deleted.

    2) Discussion of illegal activity will result in a ban.

    Discussion of illegal activity (transformers and associated shows are copyright material!) puts this whole community in danger of being shut down, so it won’t be tolerated. This includes linking to full episodes/series'.

    3) Unhelpful comments

    Unhelpful comments could result in a ban. i.e. Spam (one word posts are not posts), flaming and so on.

    4) Thread Titles

    The mods reserve the right to re-title a thread if it is offensive or does not accurately reflect the topic of the thread.

    5) Rumble is Red. Frenzy is Blue.

    The toys came first, Frenzy was always the blue one in the Japanese dub, and as recently as the Masterpiece line Frenzy is still the blue one.

    Hasbro doing anything else is merely capitulation.

    And Swoop is red too.

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