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  • 23-08-2006 6:59pm
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    That means everything from recording studios, club nights, events and general promotion. This is a discussion forum, not a billboard. Offenders get a week long ban and the thread deleted. No exceptions.

    Anyone being abusive towards other members will be banned. This includes racism, sexism and general 'isms.

    Any posts which are do not fall under the heading "Experimental Music" will be moved or deleted. This includes porn people! There are loads of other boards covering the different Genres like Music/Radio, Rock/Metal, Punk, etc. However, being an experimental forum if the metal, jazz, folk, etc. you want to talk about falls into the realms of experimental then it is more than welcome.

    Anyone who repeatedly posts the same or similar topics, in this forum or across multiple forums, will have all threads deleted and the user banned.

    To clarify about mp3 sites, unless you can prove that they are legal in Ireland, don't post a link to them. All of the Russian websites are dubious at best. I must bring to attention the typical line taken in their terms and agreements of "This company does not possess information on the laws of each particular country and is not responsible for the actions of foreign users." Which in basic terms means it's legal in Russia but probably not anywhere else. So please don't link to ANY site that does not have a solid legal standing in Ireland.

    Legal outlets like the official sites of bands (but not unofficial fan sites), record labels, distributors and the likes of iTunes et al. are all allowed.

    Anyone who posts looking for links to illegal material or anyone who posts links or directions to illegal sites/programs will be banned.

    Thank you and happy posting.


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    Update: While I welcome links to your music and encourage collaboration between musicians, please ensure that what you post actually suits the forum. No, your music is not experimental because it's a little like Radiohead, Tool or a bad funk band. Have some sense.

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    Update: new rules apply for company representatives on So if you intend to post something on behalf of a company, group or organisation, please PM one of the mods for advice beforehand. Otherwise you may recieve a ban for shilling or spamming. Thanks!

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