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    Hi everyone
    I’m Declan Meenagh
    I did computer applications in 2005 session two and theoretical physics 2006 in session two. I also played the tin whistle in the talent show both years. I am now a nevermore.


  • Declan! You're one of the mainreasons why the Wu Tang Clan ain't nothing to fook with. Also one of the most committed members of the fish-giving comittee this year, oh what fun that was.;)
    Keep up the good work. (the good work being the act of being a really sound guy.)

  • Hey Declan! Well I have to say (and I mean this) it was GREAT getting to know you over the 2 years, your a really great, sound guy and I have to agree with Daithi, keep up the good work! :-)

  • HELLO! You rock, ya big mad scone!:D

  • Heya! I was in your class this year, it's Clíodhna. What good times we had. I think that you were the person who enjoyed the spinny-chair experiment the most, with good-reason as you didn't fall off. Class was really great! Your computer mispronouncing all our names, Dave juggling, the maths (aaargh!) and the projects all made for good times. How've you been keeping?