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DCU Forum Charter - Read *before* posting

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    DCU Forum Charter

    Below are the main rules for this forum. Violations of these are interpreted entirely at the discretion of the moderators.

    General Guidelines
    - Replies should try to be on-topic. Although we understand that the nature of this Forum leads to off-topic replies and that off-topic replies can be entertaining it shall be at the sole discretion of the moderators as to how off-topic post will be dealt with.

    - No users personal email address or phone number should be posted on the board, keep it to PMs if necessary. If this is done by another user with malicious intent the user shall be banned.

    - These forums are not here to facilitate direct help with your project. There are services and resources both here on and within DCU for such matters. Please explore these options before attempting to post here, failure to do so will result in the thread being locked.

    - The DCU and Campus firewalls are there for a reason. Do NOT ask for ways around it or the thread will be locked.

    Questions about courses
    - Given the nature of this forum it is inevitable that we get a lot of questions from people asking about various courses, transferring into them and experiences had while in them. There have been a large number of threads dealing with these issues so please use the Search functionality of the forum to look for answers to your questions *before* you post about them.

    - Pointless or nonsensical posts will be deleted.

    - All topics should relate to DCU or at least affect DCU students in some way.

    - Posts containing personal attacks on people whether a Boards user or not will be edited/deleted.

    - Posts of a defamatory nature directed at any staff of DCU will be edited/deleted.

    Reporting & Moderating
    If you have a problem with a post, use the “Report A Post” feature to let the mods know. Do not respond to the post in question.

    - Commercial advertising is strictly prohibited.

    - Regulation of the all other non-commercial advertising shall be at the discretion of the moderators.


    - Posts containing objectionable or defamatory content about any group of persons or organization will be edited/deleted.

    And of course, Moderators’ decisions are final.

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