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Weekend break - need pointers for Connemara - fast!

  • 01-08-2006 1:11pm
    Registered Users Posts: 5,900 ✭✭✭ ambro25

    Hi Boardsies,

    I'm after some... correction: a lot... of recommendations for a romantic weekend (may I particularly underline the 'romantic' bit here :D ) in Connemara.

    I have heard lots about Connemara over the years, although never anything specific enough that I'd know where to go/what to see/where to stay with Mrs.

    So, I'd be departing Dublin this Friday early afternoon, drive there, looking to stay until Monday am/lunch-ish. Ideally, looking for a luxury hotel with beauty spa (to treat the Mrs some more... she does deserve it lots ;) ), somewhere very scenic, with lots to do/see around.

    On your marks... get set... type!

    PS - with very, very, very much anticipated thanks :)