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BACKLASH // Old School Night // This Thursday...

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    BACKLASH // Old School Night 2 // In The Sweet Harmony...

    This Thursday at Backlash we once again celebrate the last great youth movement, Rave!
    A tribute to all things warehouse, boiler suit and whistle related!
    Last time round many of you dressed part and it was of the most enjoyable nights we've put on.
    Check out photo's from it here::

    The line up for this Thursday is right proper old school too and we're also running the night over 2 floors.
    Upstairs we've got (Dublin legend!) Simon F. Simon's been doing it long before any of us could even get
    into clubs and he's got one of the best record collections out there and jumped at the chance to dust off
    some old school classics.

    Sios an staighre we have Ronan Flynn of (Backlash records signing Digital Circus) Steve Manning
    and Backlash's Philth. They'll be playing tracks from SL2, LFO, Joey Beltram, Prodigy,
    Liquid, Bizare Inc, a real retrospectus maximus oldschoolious!

    We'll have some whisltes and glo sticks for early arrivers but by all means feel free to bring your own..

    So thats 2 floors of music & its still only eu5.00 thats only stg.3.40 or even 170 Rusian rubles

    COMING SOON: MSTRKRFT (DFA 1979) & Jon Averill (bday party):: Thursday 24 August.