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August @ EC in Wax with Magda, Tony Rohr...

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    Thursday August 3rd - e5 / Free with flyer

    Dancepig [Space Factory]
    Barry Donovan [Electric City]
    Jay Alexander
    Thursday August 10th - e12 / e10 Tickets

    Magda [ - Berlin]
    Donnacha Costello - Live []
    Daniel McElligott [Test]

    Tickets available from Selectah Records /
    Thursday August 17th - e10 / e8 Members

    Tony Rohr - Live [Hidden Agenda - New York]
    Sunil Sharpe [Spindizzy]
    Giles Armstrong [Electric City]
    Thursday August 24th - e5 / Free with flyer

    Rian Ryan [Electric City]
    Martin Smith & Dave Prior [Junction]
    Friday August 25th - Electric Shock 4 @ Temple Bar Music Centre

    Green Velvet aka Cajmere [Relief Records - Chicago]
    Educution - LIVE []
    Eddie Brennan [Electric City]

    Tickets priced e20 available from Selectah Records /
    Thursday August 31st - e5 / Free with flyer

    Electric City Vs Test

    Jay Galligan
    Eddie Brennan
    Richard Brophy
    Dan Power
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